zirconium teeth

With the modern treatment methods applied in dentistry, it has become easier to reach aesthetic teeth. With teeth whitening, closure of intermittent teeth, lamina veneer, tooth veneer and aesthetic zirconium tooth veneer applications, we can have teeth that can look more aesthetically pleasing.

Prices of dental implants and zirconium teeth

For some people, only teeth whitening is sufficient, while some patients may need orthodontic treatment and then other aesthetic dental treatments. For this reason, it would be very wrong to talk about the prices of aesthetic teeth. In general, even giving a price range is misleading.

However, it is important to remember that there are treatments that can be done at low costs to achieve aesthetic teeth.

Tooth veneers are divided according to the porcelain tooth veneer price or zirconium tooth veneer price according to the type of tooth veneer applied. In the simplest sense, if we consider that there is only one tooth that spoils the appearance, it may be possible to complete the aesthetic dental treatment with a treatment that is not very costly.

However, in some cases, all teeth may need to be treated for a beautiful appearance. In this case, the prices of aesthetic teeth will be much higher.

Aesthetic tooth coating, which does not contain metal, can now give the appearance of almost natural teeth. We know that one or two tooth problems in the area are resolved before all the teeth are covered. Today, a good craftsmanship can be made using quality materials, like the teeth on the top and incomprehensibly successful.

Zirconium Teeth

If you think there is a problem with your dental aesthetics, the right thing to do is to make an appointment with your dentist. You will be given detailed information about alternative treatments and the prices you need to be treated at the clinic.

Zirconium is the most preferred material in aesthetic dental applications. Zirconium dental veneers, which have significant advantages over other metal substructures compared to porcelain tooth veneers, are increasingly preferred.

What are the reasons for choosing zirconium teeth?

More for aesthetic purposes; In the treatment of advanced color changes that do not yield results with whitening methods, in discrete or less perplexed teeth such as diastema where orthodontic treatment method is not chosen, in old fillings with damaged structure, in restoration of teeth with excessive substance loss, in use as a bridge or coating on posterior group teeth. It is preferred for anterior group implant prostheses and to provide smile aesthetics.

Advantages of Zirconium Teeth

zirconium teeth
Zirconium Teeth in Turkey

Zirconium is an element with metal properties. Thanks to the innovations seen in the field of dentistry, zirconium is preferred for dental veneers today. While dental treatment was carried out using porcelain veneers in the past, the use of zirconium dental veneers has started to increase in recent years. Patients who encounter this veneer for the first time during dental treatment wonder what zirconium teeth mean. Zirconium is a coating material that replaces porcelain in today’s dentistry world. Zirconium, which gives a more natural tooth appearance than porcelain, is a veneer method preferred by many dentists.

What are the Benefits of Zirconium Dental Treatment?

Dental veneers can generally be examined in two main groups as metal-supported and non-metal-supported. Zirconium, which is in the metal-free group and started to be used instead of porcelain tooth veneers, is a frequently preferred veneer to give a natural appearance to the tooth.

Patients who want to have their teeth covered and wonder what zirconium teeth mean, also wonder about the benefits of this coating. Unlike the porcelain veneer, this veneer is not dark in color and does not cause a black reflection from around the gingiva. In addition, zirconium is a coating that is more compatible with the gums than porcelain.

How many days does the zirconium treatment take?

This application is completed in 1 week in people with good gums. It can be continued with a few rehearsals according to the person’s liking or until the satisfaction of the physician and the patient is seen.

Who can have zirconium application?

In order to have Zirconium teeth treatment in our clinic, you must be at least 21 years old.

Zirconium Teeth Price

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