Turkey Dentist

Many patients who want to receive dental treatment have difficulties in the processes related to their treatment, both in terms of costs and because they have difficulty in finding an NHS dentist.

Dentist Turkey

The costs of private dental care are indeed very expensive for many EU and UK citizens. However, dental treatments in Turkey provide many advantages in terms of both costs and timing, and therefore, it should be considered and researched as a way to economically treat your dental health.

Regular dental check-ups will inform you whether something is wrong with your oral health. Even during your vacation, you can get free consultation in many clinics in Turkey, and you can meet your dental cleaning, filling and root canal treatment needs at affordable prices. In addition to this, for specific procedures (implant treatment, smile design, porcelain veneers, etc.) Turkey is currently one of the favourite health tourism centers. Compared to all other countries in Europe, Turkey also has clinics that benefit from all the possibilities of modern technology, as well as having well-trained health personnel. Many clinics are equipped with the latest technology products such as 3D/CT Scan, Cad/Cam.

Therefore, Turkey has the expertise and facilities to offer excellent quality dental treatments at affordable prices.

Again, for all guests coming from England and Ireland, you can find low-cost direct flights from many companies such as EasyJet, Jet2, Tui, apart from airlines such as THY and Sun Express.

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Where to Stay in Turkey?

When you start researching for dental treatment, clinics will offer you many advantageous packages. Many clinics, including us, will offer you options including hotel accommodation and allow you to combine your holiday with your treatment. Especially in Antalya, which is famous for its blue flag beaches, you can both enjoy the sun and relax in the magnificent atmosphere of the city.

Can I Be Safe in Turkey?

As a holiday destination, Turkey is absolutely safe. Every year, it welcomes its guests from many countries of the world in its country. In addition to the license issued by the Ministry of Health, the clinic you choose must have health tourism authorization certificate accreditation and must have a TURSAB certificate in order to be able to pick you up from the airport. While doing your dental clinic research, please do not forget to question them.

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Is the Quality of Dental Care in Turkey Comparable to your home country?

Providing international service, dental clinics in Turkey care about customer service as well as quality and aim to provide first-class service. Therefore, you should always choose a reliable clinic. In addition to the training of dentists, the services and technologies they provide also come to the fore.

What Happens If Something Goes Wrong? Is My Dental Care Guaranteed?

All procedures performed in our clinics are under guarantee and are presented to you with a detailed guarantee document. However, no medical procedure can be 100% guaranteed due to the reactions of the body and the problems that may occur over time. Therefore, in case of encountering any problems, you may need to go back to your dentist in Turkey.

Do Dentists in Turkey Speak English?

As in many clinics in Turkey, both dentists and our staff speak English well in our clinic.

What Payment Methods Are Accepted?

Payments by cash or credit card are accepted. You can get a certain discount for cash payments. The reason for this is that both your bank and our banks may add commission difference to your payment in credit card payments. If you are going to pay by credit card, you should definitely check this from your bank and clinic before you come.

When Is The Best Time To Visit A Turkish Dentist?

If you are planning to come to a city like Antalya, 10 months of the year are sunny and 2 months are rainy-sunny. The weather is generally nice in Antalya, even in winter. For our guests who love to travel, there are many places to see in Antalya. Our dentists work year-round.

Visa Information

For most foreign tourists to enter Turkey, a visa that allows stays of less than 90 days is required.

Our Delicious Food

Every region in Turkey has a unique cuisine culture, different ingredients and recipes are used. As such, Turkish cuisine is much more than delicious kebab and baklava; It includes fresh seafood and appetizers, desserts, rich breakfast dishes, Ottoman cuisine classics, vegetable dishes and much more. Have fun!

Turkish Baths

One of the most preferred experiences in Turkey is the Turkish Bath. Massage in a cloud of soap bubbles is, above all, a great way to unwind. Highly recommend!

Excellent Museums

Antalya also has a number of fantastic museums that actively preserve finds from many archaeological sites around the country. You must see the Antalya Museum.

Stunning Architecture

Turkey’s architectural field is remarkable and includes everything from historic churches to stone houses built by ancient Anatolian empires. Hadrian’s Gate is a clear example of this. If you come to Antalya, you should definitely see this place.

Turkish People

Turkish people are known for their deep hospitality and spending time with them is a truly valuable lesson in real human relations. You always get an invitation for a delicious meal or at least a few glasses of Turkish tea or Turkish coffee and something sweet.