Free Services

For our International Patients

We have special services that we offer for our international patients coming to our clinic from abroad. There is no charge for these services. Again, before coming to our clinic, we never demand a deposit from our patients.

In all our clinics;

  • Consultation – FREE
  • Transfer Services Hotel and Clinic – FREE
  • Airport – Hotel Transfers (round trip) – FREE
  • Panoramic X-Ray (2D Scan) – FREE
  • Volumetric Tomografy (3D Scan) required for Implant Treatments – FREE
  • Temporary tooth given for veneer&crown treatments – FREE
  • English / French / German / Arabic / Russian speaking interpreting services – FREE
  • Free accommodation for the most affordable prices and some packages during your treatment – FREE

Accommodation in Turkey

Free Accommodation

We have affordable accommodation options in contracted hotels for our international patients. Depending on your treatment plan, our free accommodation options will be offered to you by our consultants.

Transport - Transfer Services

Transfer Services

From the moment you land at Antalya Airport, you will not be alone. Our driver will meet you with a sign with your name and drop you off at your hotel safely. All your clinical transfers will be provided by our clinical vehicles in the same way.

online consultation

Online Consultation

Before coming to our country, you can take advantage of our “ONLINE CONSULTATION” service to get detailed information about your treatment, and you can talk to our doctors live on WhatsApp or Skype.

dental treatment, plastic surgery, bariatric surgery...

Treatment in Turkey

If you want to get dental treatment or plastic surgery services in Turkey, we are ready to offer you all the details about your treatment. There is some information we are waiting for so that we can create a plan for you before you arrive.

To get planning about your dental treatment, you should first share your photos so that we can see your teeth. If there is an x-ray you can send it will allow us to provide you with a definitive treatment plan. If you are close to the London area, we can make an appointment for you to have an x-ray at our contracted CT center.

If you want to receive treatment in plastic surgery or other branches, you should share with us the diseases you have had before, all the details about the treatment you want, photos, and past tests, if any.

In line with all the information, we will be able to offer the most accurate and precise treatment plan for you together with our doctors.

First Meeting

On your first application, please let us know your expectations and wishes about your dental treatment. You can reach us by filling out the dental treatment form on our “Free Quote” page on our website, using our whatsapp line at +90 544 348 07 87.

Planing and Proposal

After all your information is received by us, we consult with our doctors and prepare and send the most appropriate treatment plan for you, as detailed in your accommodation and transfers. We would like you to know that we do not receive any commissions or deposits from any of our patients.

Travel Planing

Depending on your treatment plan, we offer you accommodation in our contracted hotels. Our hotels are located in the center of Antalya, in the city center, very close to the sea, within walking distance to shopping malls.

Welcome & Transfer

Our staff, who is waiting for you at the airport with a sign with your name on it, welcomes you and drops you to the hotel where you will be staying with our clinic vehicles. Before your treatment time, we will be picked up from your hotel by our clinic vehicles.

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Make an Appointment

Contact us any suitable way and make an appointment with the doctor whose help you need! Visit us at the scheduled time.