Antalya Travel Guide

If you are thinking of visiting Antalya destination, don’t forget to check out our Antalya Travel Guide. There are 2 types of people in the world: those who love Antalya and those who do not. As soon as you set foot in Antalya, you will feel like you have arrived in a European city.

When you arrive in Kaleiçi, you will not believe in the beauty of the historical texture. When you see Aspendos, I think your opinion will change immensely. The streets of Antalya smell of oranges, because all the streets are planted with citrus fruits. One of the cities with the highest quality of life in Turkey Welcome to Antalya.

Antalya is a very big place and there are many holiday resorts in it. Kas, Kalkan, Belek, Kemer, Olympos & Çıralı, Alanya, all of them are holiday destinations alone. All of them have very different character and promises.

How Can I Find Affordable Flight Tickets To Antalya?

If you will come to Antalya by plane, you will get off at Antalya Airport (AYT). We recommend that you compare prices before buying your flight ticket. You can take a look at easyjet or THY options to compare prices and find affordable FLIGHT TICKETS.

You can take a look at easyjet or THY options to compare prices and find affordable FLIGHT TICKETS.

When to Go to Antalya?

Antalya, which can be visited in all seasons, can be preferred in all seasons. Before arriving, you should check the weather and arrange your clothes according to the autumn rains.

Hotels and Houses We Choose in Antalya

In the center of Antalya, close to our clinics, by the sea and again in the Kaleiçi region, according to your preference, we have cute boutique hotels, restored from old mansions and converted into hotels. We offer you the most suitable alternatives for your comfort.

Do I Have to Rent a Car?

Places to visit in Antalya are spread over a very wide geography. You have a lot of options when it comes to resorts to swim, ancient cities to visit, activities to do. For this reason, if you do not participate in the tours in your spare time, we recommend you to rent a car. However, the bus network in Antalya is very wide. You can go anywhere you want by bus.

Places to Visit in Antalya

Kaleiçi (Oldtown)

antalya oldtown

Kaleiçi is the most beautiful place in Antalya, a place we would definitely recommend you to see. The mansions inside the old city walls are the center of social life in Antalya today. Those who leave work come here to drink beer and distract, tourists come to see its wonderful historical texture, swim in the tiny beach with children, and young people come to party in the bars where robust groups come out at night. It feels like an autonomous town built on a cliff with huge parks. Towards the sunset, you can have a beer & sunset, a classic of Kaleiçi, tour Kaleiçi and listen to live music in the evening.

Kurşunlu and Düden Waterfalls

Antalya has two famous waterfalls: Düden and Kurşunlu. Düden Waterfall is very interesting. Imagine a waterfall cascading in the middle of the district in a place surrounded by buildings in the city. When parking the car one suspects that the map shows the wrong location, in such an unexpected place.

There is also a cave that can be visited. More interestingly, the sea falls down from the Düden cliffs in the future. You can see Düden pouring into the sea if you take a boat tour from Kaleiçi, but it can also be reached by car.

antalya kursunlu waterfallDüden Waterfall is a pleasant surprise in the middle of the city, but we liked Kurşunlu Waterfall the most. If you don’t have time for both, we say go to Kurşunlu. The color of the water, the tropical vegetation that looks like you are in Bali is really beautiful. Do not turn around after seeing the waterfall, they have turned the bed of the river flowing into the terraced terrace into a pleasant walking track.

There is also a very pleasant cafe downstairs. Of course, it is not possible for Düden to compete with the ease of transportation, but it is definitely worth it.

Antalya Museum

antalya museumIt was founded in 1922 by Teacher Süleyman Fikri Erten in order to protect the works saved from the pillage of the occupation forces who came to the region after the 1st World War. The museum, which was first located in Alaaddin Mosque in Kaleiçi and later in the Yivli Mosque, moved to its current building in 1972.

In the museum, you can see all the historical artifacts from the three ancient cities of Antalya, Lycia, Pamphylia and Pisidia. Especially the Roman Period sculptures unearthed from Perge Ancient City are among the most valuable pieces of the museum collection.

The museum, which was awarded the “Council of Europe Museum of the Year” award in 1988, is one of the places we would say to visit if you are interested in history and archeology.

Köprülü Canyon

Köprülü Canyon is a national park that originates in Isparta, passes by Köprüçay, which flows into the sea from Antalya, is suitable for rafting in the summer season, and is ideal for activities such as hiking, camping and trekking. Indeed, there are two historical bridges from the Roman period, one big and the other small.


antalya raftingThe biggest highlight of Antalya is the abundance of rivers suitable for rafting. Especially Köprülü Canyon and Köprüçay passing through it is the most suitable point  for rafting. You are rafting along the 14-kilometer course on boats for 8-10 people, accompanied by experienced guides. The track takes about 2.5 hours. Companies provide helmets, shovels and lifejackets. The most ideal months for rafting here are July, August and September. There are already many companies providing services in the region. Some rafting tours offer package tours including transportation, rafting, lunch, picking you up from where you left off. Especially after the rafting, the trout pleasure does not go away in the canyon.

Cable Car

Taking the cable car to Tahtalı Mountain and looking at Antalya from a bird’s eye view is one of the popular experiences in Antalya, so we did not want to pass without writing. Whether or not to go out is up to you. There are 2 cable cars in Antalya. One is Tünektepe and the other is Olympos Teleferik.

Daily from Beldibi, Göynük, Kemer, Kiriş, Çamyuva and Tekirova, and on Wednesdays and Saturdays, the cable car has its own transportation service from Kundu and Antalya. The facility at the top is open until 19:00 in the evening.


The ancient city of Aspendos, which was founded by the Achaeans in the 10th century BC on a plain on the hills of the Köprüçay River in the Serik district of Antalya, has the best preserved Roman theater of all Mediterranean geography. This magnificent ancient theater, with a capacity of 12,000 people, was built in the 2nd century AD in the city, which lived its brightest period in the Roman Period. Ancient theater has great acoustics.

Although the most fascinating ruin of Aspendos Ancient City is the ancient theater, in the area behind the theater, the remains of the stadium, agora, basilica, monumental fountain, parliament building, aqueducts, monumental arch, street, temple, bath, cisterns, shops are also there is.


We ask you again and again. If you want to convey your moral and conscientious values ​​to your children, please do not take your children to dolphin parks where dolphins are persecuted. Dolphins are highly emotional and intelligent beings, and when locked up, they feel the pain of it deeply. Do not get caught in the thought that they enjoy entertaining people and doing all kinds of tricks. Although they have a smile on their face, they are not happy at all. They are trained in complete hunger to obey orders.

As you know, dolphins live as families just like humans, and they also develop family ties. Therefore, when they are separated from their families, they also suffer from severe depression.

They die prematurely as a result of all the stress they experience while in captivity. We hope you will stop this persecution and not be a part of it. Even if everyone goes to one of these parks once in their life, this creates an incentive demand for new parks to open. No two hours of entertainment is worth the suffering of another creature in their lifetime.

Antalya Emergency Number (Countrywide emergency numbers)

Ambulance: 112 (all over Turkey)
Police: 155 (all over Turkey)
Gendarmery: 156 (all over Turkey for rural areas)
Coast Guard: 158 (all over Turkey)
Fire: 110 (all over Turkey)
Forest Fire: 177 (all over Turkey)
Tourism Info: 170 (all over Turkey)