Covid-19 Pandemic Dental Treatment

Taking care of Oral and Dental Health is an important investment for our general health needs. Oral and Dental Health is very important for both body health and a beautiful appearance.

Oral and dental care should be done regularly and the dentist should be examined at least twice a year. Thus, the problems that may occur can be controlled with early diagnosis, and tooth and gum disorders can be intervened in advance. Do not forget that prevention is as important as treatment.

One of the negative effects of the pandemic process in our country was the disruption and postponement of oral and dental health treatments. Physicians, healthcare professionals and patients alike choose to avoid treatment, considering the possibility of encountering the virus, and putting their oral and dental health at risk by applying hearsay and unfounded methods on their own.

Even a simple filling that is not made can result in root canal treatment or tooth loss. Any possible inflammation caused by the untreated treatment may interfere with the blood and wake you up at night, reducing your body resistance by causing fatigue. In short, the treatment you postponed to protect against the virus may be bringing you closer to the virus by weakening your immune system.

Treatments that you postpone may cause your body resistance to decrease. In order to avoid such a situation, dental treatments should be completed and should not hesitate to go to the dentist in case of any complaint.

dental treatment during pandemic
Dental Treatment During Pandemic

In the pre-pandemic period, transactions that are already carried out in a sterile environment can be carried out by taking more stringent measures during the pandemic process. After the patients are finished, examination rooms can be fogged with a special device using hypochlorous acid and made ready for the next patient.

In addition, dental instruments can be made suitable for reuse with the help of an autoclave providing sterilization using high temperature. The use of FFP2 and even FFP3 masks, if possible, and also wearing a visor during the treatment will prevent possible infection transfer between the patient and the patient.

In this process, it is one of the applications that can be beneficial to work with the appointment system of oral and dental health centre in order to avoid density and crowd.

We inform you that these precautions are applied seriously in our clinic and these practices are applied in treatment preferences, and we recommend that you pay attention to the fact that these precautions are applied in the clinic you will go for treatment.

FAQ Asked Question About Dental Treatment During the Pandemic Period

Is it possible to continue dental treatments while avoiding the risk of coronavirus?

Dental clinics are organizations that provide services under high sterilization conditions due to the nature of the procedures. When combined with the conditions required by the pandemic process, we will perform your dental treatment under high hygiene conditions.

Dental Treatment in Pandemic (Covid-19)

Our world has encountered many epidemics so far and unfortunately thousands of people have lost their lives.

Although we, as the healthcare professionals providing dentistry services, are the people who are in the closest contact with the virus and we are seen in the high risk group, our rates of getting Covid-19 disease and the risk of transmitting the virus to the patients remain very low in the statistics. The main reason for this is that we apply protective measures against many viruses and bacteria in our routine lives in our pre-pandemic work practice and we are used to it.

Corona virus is the first time we had seen that we never knew as of March 10, 2020 date in Turkey facing a virus and did not know how we will fight against it, as well as all over the world. In this case, we did the wisest job to do and took a break from our general dentistry services. Our aim in this is our basic principle

“Do Not Harm Our Patients before the Treatment of Our Patients”

At that time, we think we played an important role in keeping the rate of spread of the virus low in our country. Of course, life continues, human beings have to treat teeth. For this purpose, we started to serve a long time ago by taking all necessary measures.

We provide services by taking the precautions listed below so that you can make all kinds of dental treatments you can think of with peace of mind.

  • First of all, we carefully follow the instructions and information of our Ministry of Health and update our measures.
  • Corona virus trainings have been given to our physicians, assistants and staff, and the control mechanism is kept tight to keep them alive.
  • We made physical changes to prevent virus spread within the clinic.
  • We work with new Personal Protective Equipment to protect our patients and staff.
  • We apply new treatment protocols.
  • We have a Natural Ventilation system in our institutions.
  • Our precious patients, pandemics also have a lifetime, they will end sooner or later, but in this process, we may be exposed to irreversible and irreparable damages if we are afraid of getting the virus and postpone all kinds of treatment. Let’s not forget this detail.

We wish you all healthy days.

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