Hair Transplantation

Hair Transplantation

Every Hair Transplantation is a New Design!

hair transplantation center turkey antalyaYou can regain your hair with hair transplantation without losing time. Knowing the value of each hair strand lost for years, we work for your happiness in the mirror with hair transplantation performed by our specialist doctors.


Hair loss is not something that occurs when your hair starts to decrease visibly. The vast majority of people lose 50-150 strands of hair a day, and this shed hair is renewed in a natural cycle. Failure to regenerate these hair leads to baldness over time, and this hair loss happens very quickly.


Apart from genetic transmission; hormone levels, various health problems, humidity, sunlight, eating habits, stress, accidents and age are also causes of baldness. TODAY, 52% OF WOMEN LOSE THEIR HAIR AFTER BIRTH. The main reason for this is the decrease in the level of progesterone hormone in the mother’s body.

What is hair transplantation?

Hair transplantation is a natural and permanent solution to the problem of thinning and baldness in people with hair loss problem or hair loss. The process of transplanting healthy hair follicles with micro surgical methods to areas where hair follicle is no longer active and balding occurs is called hair transplantation. In hair transplantation, the patient’s own healthy hair is added to the spilled area.

Hair transplantation is completely personalized and applied. With the hair transplant operation, the hair follicles that are resistant to hair loss in the nape area of ​​the patient are collected and transplanted into the channels opened in the thinning or completely spilled parts. Goal; It is to give a permanent hair appearance in a natural way that will not be known to be transplanted in the head area.

hair transplantation in turkeyHair transplantation is actually a small surgical operation. For this reason, it is the safest way to perform it in a hospital environment by a specialist and experienced doctors and team. With the application of hair transplantation, the person is permanently gained as if his own hair has never been shed. Our aim in hair transplantation; It is to provide the person with a comfortable natural hair appearance with modern medical applications.

Who can have hair transplantation?

Today, almost 50 percent of men over the age of 50 are faced with hair loss. Therefore, hair transplantation is the most common cosmetic surgery for men. Hair loss is not only specific to men. Many women may also experience hair loss or thinning problems.

Why is hair loss happening?

One of the most important causes of hair loss is genetic coding feature; However, it can also occur as a result of advanced age, traumatic injuries or various medical conditions. After the diagnosis is made by doctor’s control, hair transplantation is successfully applied to all people with sufficient hair follicles in the donor area.

The transplantation method can be successfully applied not only in the scalp but also in all areas with hair in the body such as eyebrows, mustache or beard.

How is hair transplantation done?

In practice, the hair follicles taken from the neck are transplanted to the targeted balding area. These hair follicles are called grafts. Rarely, in some cases, there is not enough healthy hair on the neck or temple area of ​​the person. In such cases, hair follicles can be taken from other areas that contain hair, such as the person’s arms or chest. The application takes a few hours depending on the amount of hair loss. If the hairless area is too large, several sessions may be required to complete the treatment.

Generally, the treatment is performed under local anesthesia with sedation. A special bandage is applied to the head after hair transplantation. The person is discharged after 1-2 hours. Although it is seen very little, pain is controlled with painkillers. Generally, after 3 days of home rest, it can be returned to business life with the head covered. The first dressing is done on the 5th day.

Which methods are used for hair transplantation?

hair transplantation center turkeyIn hair transplant procedures; FUE methods that do not leave a scar or methods that can leave a slight scar on the neck are successfully applied. In the FUE method, hair follicles are taken one by one and transplanted into the missing areas, while a skin line containing hair is removed from the neck in the method. The person to be transplanted should have healthy hair on the head and sides to be used as a donor area. Other factors such as hair color, hardness, wavy and bushy affect the result of the procedure to be performed.

The method to be preferred is decided together after hair and scalp analysis, taking into account the priorities of the person. Although the FUE method, which does not leave any traces, is preferred, it may be necessary to apply the method in some cases. Hair transplantation can be applied not only for baldness but also to increase hair density in thinned areas.

Will the transplanted hair fall out after hair transplantation?

The transplanted hair falls out within a few weeks following the transplantation process; however, this is normal. Because the shed hair will grow again after 3-4 months. After this temporary loss is corrected, the transplanted hair follicles retain their character and do not fall out. However, the original hair in the same area may continue to shed over time, and a new hair transplant may be planned in the future depending on the decrease in hair density. Hair loss may continue progressively after surgery. Especially if an unnatural appearance occurs in the new hairline area, an additional surgical intervention may be required in the future.

What are the risks of unconscious hair transplantation?

When the plantation like any medical intervention also made in appropriate circumstances may carry some risks. However, hair transplantation practice, complications are very rare, if performed by an experienced plastic surgeon in a hospital setting. Hair transplantation is a long application and depending on the degree of baldness, several transplants may be required over a period of 1-2 years. Although very rare, complications such as desired infection and marked scarring can be seen. Pain, discomfort, some bruising and swelling that can be controlled with painkillers can be observed after the operation. In the areas where hair is taken and transplanted, numbness may occur that resolves spontaneously within 2-3 months.

Hair transplantation is an aesthetic process or a medical procedure ?

Hair transplantation is a medical procedure, but its aesthetic side is more important. If the donor area of ​​the patient is evaluated well and the frontal hair line is determined naturally in the area to be transplanted, a style can be created in accordance with the person’s image. With this aspect, it is a complete aesthetic procedure.

Who can have hair transplantation?

Hair transplantation can be performed on all individuals of all ages who have suffered from hair loss for various reasons since the ages of 19-20 in men and women and who do not have a physiological disease that prevents hair transplantation and have enough follicles in the donor area.

Am I a suitable candidate for hair transplantation?

If you have completed your physical development,

If you do not have a physiological disease that prevents hair transplantation,

If you have a sufficient number of hair follicles in the donor area on your head,

If there is a suitable space for hair follicle transplantation in the area to be transplanted, you are a suitable candidate for hair transplantation.

Hair transplant operation is not only for male pattern hair loss; It is also successfully applied to local cavities, scars, burn marks, surgical sutures that may occur as a result of various diseases.

Hair transplantation is also applied successfully in women. Considering the size of the balding area that occurs especially in women, unshaven transplantation is also performed.

You can have a pre-interview with our doctor as soon as possible and have hair analysis done.

What you need to pay attention to after hair transplantation will be explained to you by your doctor.

Does the transplanted hair look natural?

In order for the transplanted hair to look natural, the operation should be performed by specialists. In the hair transplant operations performed by experienced specialists in the right healthcare institution, a level of naturalness that will not be known to be transplanted can be achieved. With the Sapphire and DHI techniques we apply in hair transplantation, we aim at the maximum density in hair. An average person has 100 hairs per 1 cm square. With new techniques, we can fit 80 follicles, or hair strands, in 1 cm square. It is tried to achieve the closest result to the patient’s dream appearance. While doing this, the forehead line is taken into consideration first.

How is the hairline determined?

The hairline is a personal anatomical line. It is determined according to the natural hair border from the area where the forehead tissue ends and hair texture begins. The most important point in hair transplantation is to pay attention to the forehead muscle. The hairline can be adjusted as desired without touching the forehead muscle or damaging the mimic muscles.

The hairline can be changed without touching the forehead line in people with a wide forehead or with very empty hair on both sides. The desired shape can be made according to the patient’s face type, hairstyle, the way the previous hair was shed and the forehead muscle, the condition of the balding skin. If the patient requests a hair type that is not suitable for him, he is informed about the medical requirements, the anatomical structure of his face and possible consequences, and the most suitable front line and hair style are determined.

How is a hair transplant operation performed?

Shaved or unshaven transplantation can be performed according to the operation style determined by the specialist doctor in hair transplantation.

First of all, the hair tissue and the area to be transplanted are planned. The hairy tissue is planned and shaved according to the course of the procedure. Local anesthesia is applied and hair follicles are collected one by one with microsurgical tools.

Channels are opened in the area to be scattered, taking into account the direction of hair growth, the angle and density of the hair.

The roots taken are placed in these canals one by one with a meticulous and sensitive work.

Purpose during the entire operation; It is to provide a natural, healthy and permanent hair appearance that will not be obvious after the operation.

The operation is completed in an average of 6 to 8 hours.

What is the FUE Method?

It is a short statement of the term “Folicular Unit Extraction”. It is the method in which follicular units are removed one by one from the nape and upper ear area where non-androgenic hair follicles are dense, without cutting or stitch marks, and transplanted to hairless areas on the same day. It can be performed with local anesthesia or sedation (no pain) according to the patient’s request.

Today, the FUE method can be applied in different styles with innovative, modern approaches.

Saphire FUE


What are the advantages of the FUE Method?

Since the hair follicles are taken individually and with special microsurgical tools, recovery will be completed in 2-3 days after the operation and no scar will be left.

Maximum sheet metal can be transferred badly from your donor site, depending on the need of the transplantation area.

The whole area of ​​the hair follicles coded not to shed (non-androgenic) is used by taking homogeneous and proportional roots. Thus, it will be possible to reuse the donor site in the coming years. In the ongoing years, according to the needs and expectations of the person, second or third session hair transplantation operations can be performed with the same method.

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