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Do you want to get dental treatment abroad? While being treated in the best dentists of Antalya, you will also be welcomed with VIP service.

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What are the dental treatment prices, dental implant costs in Turkey? How much do porcelain veneers cost?
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By working with “Dental Clinic Turkey” company, you can combine quality dental treatment service with professionalism. You will receive service in the best VIP Dental Clinic of Antalya, and you will meet a team that understands you while you receive this service, is by your side and ready to give you all kinds of support. With the confidence of 21 years of experience, we offer the best dental treatment service for you with our dental clinic in Antalya. Our clinic is a dental center in turkey. You can get free consultation about dental treatment, implant treatment, smile design from our dental clinics.

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Dental Clinic Turkey

While deciding to have dental treatment abroad, you will see many dentists in our country and you will get different prices.  Having a beautiful smile and choosing a dentist before dental treatment in Turkey can be more tiring and challenging than the procedure itself. It is very important that you deliver your teeth to a reliable and experienced dentist.

The most important criterion in choosing a dentist is the professional experience of the dentist you will choose. One of the most important points here is the use of materials in some treatment methods, professional laboratory procedures and the specialist physician in that field. Choosing a dentist is very important.

The first of the safest ways to choose your dentist is to get a reference.  It is important that your dentist loves his job, can empathize with you, and advises you about alternative treatment methods and how you can regain your oral and dental health. Making your first examination appointment and meeting with your dentist face to face and your mutual impressions will be more decisive in your decision.

If you felt comfortable and safe as a result of your dental appointment, if your dentist clearly shared with you the reasons for the treatments, you can make your evaluation in this way.

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Dental Treatment Price List in Turkey

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Do you do research about the price of dental treatment in Turkey? We are as close as to you a phone call about your dental treatment. If you want to get detailed information about your dental treatment and send x-ray, photos, you can fill out our online consultation form or contact us directly from our whatsapp line at +905443480787.

Dental Implants

Dental Implant Turkey

What is a dental implant? Who can apply dental implant? How many days does dental implant treatment take? What is the dental treatment cost in Turkey? You can find answers to all your questions on our page.

Porcelain Veneer

Porcelain Veneers in Turkey

Do you want dental treatment abroad? Smile Design or Smile Makeover is prepared smoothly with Porcelain Veneer. Emax Veneers are one of the most preferred restoration applications in aesthetic dental surgery.

Smile Makeover

Smile Design in Turkey

A beautiful smile provides advantages in many areas of life. Complementing the charismatic and impressive look is a good smile and impressive teeth. Smile Makeover provides you that. So, what is dental treatment prices in Turkey? You can call us our cosmetic dental clinic.

Zirconium Crowns

Zirconium Veneer in Turkey

What is Zirconium Crown? What is dental treatment and full set of veneer treatment in Turkey?

Teeth Whitening


Everything About Teeth Whitening! What whitens teeth the fastest? How do yellowed teeth turn white? How much does teeth whitening cost? How to whiten teeth naturally?

Full Mouth Implants

All on 4 or All on 6

Full Mouth Implant Treatment Prices – What is it, How is it done?  How much does a whole mouth implant cost? Which brand should you choose for a quality implant?

Online Consultation

How do I get consultation?

There are several ways to get a treatment plan from us. Phone, Whatsapp, Email or Online forms are just some of them. You can inform us about the treatment you want, along with your expectations, and if you have, you can send pictures, x-rays, tests, etc. If you can share all the details, we can get back to you with a treatment plan with details, which has all costs, accommodation, etc. within 48 hours.

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As Antalya’s largest clinics we are able to offer the lowest prices for dental treatment and plastic surgery travel packages. We guarantee you pay dental treatment price offered by the dental clinics or a lower price.

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In dental centre Turkey all the products we use are CE certified and guaranteed. In addition, all of our doctors are experienced in their profession and participate in up-to-date training programs.


We guarantee permanently the highest level standards and individual care for our patients. Quality of services in our clinics are above and beyond other dental clinics in Europe!


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Our patients are commenting about their experience with Antalya Health. You can call us and benefit from our free consultation service to see privileged service in our clinic and to evaluate your treatment options.

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