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There are many different treatments available abroad, including dental implants,
crowns, bridges and veneers. Our dental clinic proposes all kinds of dental treatment
of the highest quality at low prices!

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The most advanced Dental Implant Clinic!

Our dental and implantology clinics are located in center of Antalya / TURKEY. We provide solutions to peoples
who are looking for qualified dental care at affordable prices in Europe. All our clinics are able to make
all kind of dental treatments (bleaching, aesthetic porcelaine veneers, over implant dentures and dental treatments
like fillings and root canal treatments) with the help of qualified and experienced dental team.

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A bright, white smile makes us feel younger and at the same time helps to enhance the image of our
selves that we want to transmit to others. Our DENTAL CLINIC TURKEY conforms to the European rules
of sterilization, materials and technologies.

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Placing implants with bridge of crowns is a best way to replace missing teeth…In our dental clinic in Turkey a implant for the price starting from 395€.

If you want a smile that’s your crowning glory, you may need a crown to cover a tooth to help restore it to its normal shape and size…

Many things said about Laminate Veneers and Lumineers, but what is the real difference ? Are Lumineers only a trademark name for laminate veneers ?

A zirconium crown is a popular type of all-ceramic crown which is worn to improve the appearance of a tooth which has become stained or disfigured over the years.

bone graft is a surgical procedure used to fix problems with bones or joints. Bone grafting, or transplanting of bone tissue, is beneficial in fixing bones that are damaged from trauma…

Laser teeth whitening is a highly effective way to whiten your teeth. It’s becoming more popular among average people who are looking to correct a dull smile.

Thanks to advances in cosmetic dentistry, nearly anyone can achieve a beautiful smile, no matter how complicated their cases are. Smile to life with us!

See a full list of the different types of tooth fillings, including amalgam filling, Composite Resin, cast gold and more at Dental Clinic Turkey…


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The fact is, if you feel happy with your teeth, you feel happy smiling and smiling helps create confidence and self-esteem. Straight teeth go beyond aesthetics and psychological well-being. There is a plethora of oral health benefits that come from having straight teeth. It is not an overstatement to suggest that straight teeth are an integral part of good oral hygiene! Visit Page

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Check the videos of patients getting dental treatment. Thank you for your interest in Dental Clinic Antalya. We are an established Dental Clinic Antalya operating since 2009 for patients seeking dental treatment abroad or specifically in Turkey. Visit Review Page

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Since you are here in Antalya, why not visit Antalya once you are here for your dental treatment. If you ever have the plan to have a tour in Antalya we are able to help you to arrange. All you have to do is just let us know where you want to go, where you would like to stay, how long and we will arrange everything for you. We do have dedicated staff to pick you up from the airport. We can arrange the following so that you will have a pleasant visit here in Antalya.

Antalya – Turkey


Antalya, city on the Mediterranean coast of south-western Turkey, is the Turkish capital of international tourism. Situated by the Gulf of Antalya, the city of Antalya can be traced back in history as early as the 1st century BC when, as the legend has it, upon discovering this land, king Attalos II told his men that “this must be Heaven”. Today, tourists who come here from all the corners of the world say that only after seeing a sunset at Antalya can one say they have seen everything a man is allowed to see in a lifetime.

Dental Clinic Turkey

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Our clinic is based in central Antalya and is considered to be one of the best private dental clinics in Turkey. Our dental clinic proposes all kinds of dental treatment of the highest quality at low prices.  It’s modern and perfectly equipped to realize all kinds of dental cure. Our team will take into consideration your medical need and at the same time straitened circumstances and will propose you the best and the most convenient solution.

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You are going to go to another country for dental treatment. We suggest you to appeal to our partner Medical Travel Shield.