Dental Implant Price in Turkey

Implant Dental Prices 2023 | Current Dental Implant Price List

Implant Prices are one of the most curious topics today. Implant treatment, which is one of the missing tooth treatment methods, is a treatment applied to have a natural tooth appearance in case of missing one or more teeth. It has become popular due to the high yield rates from the treatment. But implant prices are a source of concern for patients at this stage. Before moving on to the price information, let’s learn about the implant.

What is an implant?

Oral health care is of great importance in terms of teeth. Teeth that are not taken care of will rot over time and have to be extracted. Bridge and denture treatment methods have been used for missing teeth for a long time. Today, there is a more aesthetic and more permanent treatment method. This treatment method is called implant dental treatment.

What is a new generation treatment method implant?

Implants are titanium teeth placed in the jawbone to replace missing teeth. Dental prostheses prepared in sterile environments are placed on the screws placed on the bone. In order for implant treatment to be performed, appropriate bone structure must be present. Bone surgical procedures are also performed for unsuitable bones. In the light of all these processes, implant prices vary.

Although implant prices are relatively high, implant teeth give the closest results to natural teeth. Because implant teeth do not receive support from other teeth, they get their strength from the jawbone like natural teeth. In the implant application, first the gum is opened and a hole is made in the jawbone. This hole is wide enough for the implant to fit. The implant is placed and the gingival part above the opened tooth root socket is closed again and the implant is expected to fuse to the jawbone.

Dental Implant Price in Turkey

If the jawbone is not strong, the jawbone is strengthened by grafting the jawbone first. It takes 2-3 months for the jawbone graft to integrate the implant with the jawbone. Implant application is actually very easy, but it is a job that requires high engineering and medical knowledge. In other words, from the point of view of those who are treated, the patient comes and goes with brand new teeth in a few sessions.

But the technical part of the case is much more complicated. Because at this stage, there are many processes such as implant selection, whether the patient has any disease that will prevent the implant, implant types, size and shape. All of these require expertise and experience. Therefore, the implant is a long-term solution, not a short-term solution. From this point of view, are implant prices expensive? Of course, your health is more important and more expensive.

Tooth loss is common due to trauma, gingival diseases and advanced caries. Tooth loss causes aesthetic problems as well as chewing and speaking problems. Improvement of aesthetic, chewing and speech functions is also provided by implant treatment.

Implant Treatment Process

First, the physician analyzes the patient and examines the jaw and bone structure. Then he decides whether the patient is suitable for implant treatment. Then the implant placement phase begins. The implant is placed under the gum. Then, it is waited for a while for the implant and jaw bone to fuse. A healing screw is then placed over the implant. After recovery, necessary rehearsals are made. The porcelain tooth is then inserted.

Why implant treatment?

Implants are produced from titanium material used in the medical field. In this way, it is compatible with the bone structure and does not cause allergic reactions. It looks like the patient’s natural tooth and shows the same functions. The cavities caused by the extracted or lost teeth lead to the melting of the jawbone. These gaps are filled with dental implants and the jaw bone meltdown is prevented. Thus, the patient who has a dental problem rises to a much higher quality and healthy life level.

Full Mouth Implant Surgery
Full Mouth Implant Surgery

What to Consider in Implant Prices

Is implant treatment an expensive treatment is one of the most frequently asked questions to dentists. Although it may seem expensive at first glance, the price paid will be seen as a small price considering the comfort and benefits it will provide in the coming years. As we mentioned above, when it comes to your health, the word expensive will lose its meaning.

Even when a single missing tooth is taken into consideration, when it comes to treating that deficiency with an implant or a three-member bridge, the bridge seems to be a more reasonable and more appropriate treatment plan at first.

In the future, teeth that are reduced in size and on which porcelain is placed may cause problems over time. Not in the first 10 years, maybe not in 20 years, but in the future, it may cause serious problems such as losing those teeth, maybe getting root canal treatment and maybe renewing porcelain.

Changes in the structure of the mouth over time can lead to situations such as movement, breakage and renewal of the prostheses. Implants eliminate these disadvantages in the long run. For this reason, it is actually much cheaper.

But the situation is different with the implant. If the implant is made, applied, well looked after and kept clean, the titanium structure, which is the infrastructure of the implant, will remain constant, and only the porcelain on the implant will change over time. This will provide us both financial and moral profit in the future. But when we look at the short-term question whether the implant is more expensive or other options are more expensive, of course, the implant is expensive. However, in the long term, the implant will be more suitable than all other applications. In terms of Implant Prices, of course, many factors as above affect implant prices.

So, are implant prices expensive?

The cost of implant treatment may seem too high for many people. Of course, it is quite normal to have a price above the standard. Implant treatment is a long-term treatment. It is a method that can be permanent for life when applied by an experienced physician in accordance with the rules and if the patient pays attention to oral and dental hygiene. For this reason, it is necessary to consider Implant Prices by considering this factor. The costs of these teeth, which are life-long if necessary care is taken, should not scare the person. Remember that you will use it for life.

Implant price and factors affecting prices:

How many implants will be made,

Factors such as the number of implants to be applied affect the final treatment cost.

Implant Brands

As Dental Clinic Turkey, the implant brands we prefer with our long years of experience are as follows:

ITI Straumann: It is one of the most well-known implant brands. It is long lasting and durable.

Nobel Biocare: Swiss origin, the first brand to invent the implant and it is of very high quality.

Osstem: The world-famous South Korean brand has developed itself very seriously in recent years and is in a lane that can compete with Swiss products in terms of quality.

If there is a more important issue in implant treatment than the implant itself, this is the experience of the physician who will perform the application. If you want to learn about the current implant prices of Dental Clinic Turkey, you can contact us now using one of the methods in the contact section.

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