Face Lift

Face Lift

Face Lift in Turkey

Generally, around the age of 50, the facial skin starts to feel “loose”. The skin, some of which is excessive, also wrinkles. What is done in this surgery is to remove this excess skin and tighten the skin.

Face lift surgery has been done for almost a hundred years and is therefore referred to as “classic” surgery. But there have been revolutionary innovations in the last decade.

Full face lift… It is used in patients where the face and neck sag together. As the years pass, the skin becomes worn and deformed due to factors such as aging, gravity, stress, malnutrition, alcohol and smoking. In such cases, the sagging skin is recovered by various operations.

Face Lift

Face lift is an operation that includes the applications of correcting the forehead that lost its elasticity, the eyebrows falling by gravity, the face that lost its tension and the sagging neck together. The full face lift operation, which is used in people with lines and wrinkles on the nose and mouth, and whose jaw line is loose-enlarged, eliminates the negative effects on the skin. The full facelift procedure, which is preferred by people who are at peace with themselves and life, does not prevent the aging process, but allows the person to reconcile with mirrors and achieve a younger appearance by removing the traces left by years.

How is Face Lift Surgery Performed?

In full face lift operations, the sagging skin tissue is removed as a result of surgical intervention and the face is made stretched. During this procedure, the muscle and support tissues under the skin are also tightened. In full face lift surgeries, the skin and tissue sagging downwards are collected by pulling upwards. Thus, patients who complain of sagging and wrinkling gain a younger appearance. Thanks to this operation, cheeks, cheekbones and jaw line become clear. In full face lift operations, the muscles in the face and neck are tightened.

Since the whole face is handled with full face lift operations, more successful results are obtained compared to mid-face lift operations.

This surgery especially treats the sagging neck very well.

Who Is A Face Lift Suitable For?

The age limit for this surgery is usually 50 years. The vast majority of people over the age of 50 benefit from this surgery. However, people with wrinkled and sagging skin can have this surgery at an earlier age.

Women who have complaints such as sagging and wrinkles on their face and neck can undergo this surgery. This surgery, which can be easily applied to women with strong facial bone structure in the form of skin elasticity, is also preferred because of its safety. This type of surgery, which has become increasingly popular recently, has been made simpler with the innovative applications of surgeons and technological developments.

If you pull your cheeks towards your ears in the mirror, you may have an idea about the effect of this surgery. This surgery may be suitable for you, especially if you complain of sagging in the neck.

What is the Purpose of Face Lift?

A full face lift is applied to anyone who wants to have a taut forehead, an eye-catching jawline and tighter skin details. Patients who undergo a full face lift operation gain a younger and healthier appearance. Before the full facelift surgery, the surgeon examines the person’s face thoroughly and draws the operation plan accordingly. Operation planning is made by taking into consideration your expectations after the operation and your pre-surgery complaints.

The full facelift operation takes approximately 8-10 hours. This operation can also be performed under local anesthesia. However, considering the comfort of our patients, we prefer to perform this operation under general anesthesia. After the surgery, the patient is discharged from the hospital after the routine procedures performed.

Things to Consider Before Face Lift Surgery

Before facelift surgery, one of the most important issues to be considered is the use of blood thinners such as aspirin (including Vitamin E and similar drugs), foods (such as garlic, red pepper, turmeric, cherry, kiwi …) and herbal teas as it increases the risk of bleeding. It comes to be discontinued at least 1 week before.

Another habit that should be ended before facelift surgery is smoking. Since smoking has a negative effect on the healing process of the surgery, it should be stopped at least 3 weeks before and should be avoided during the healing process.

Hair dyeing after facelift surgery is limited for 1 month, so it is recommended to dye the hair before facelift surgery.

What to Do After Face Lift Surgery

After Facelift Surgery, a drain is placed behind the ear, where the stitches are hidden, to prevent fluid accumulation. This drain is removed after 1 day. After Facelift Surgery, ice application is recommended for maximum resolution of possible swelling, bruising and similar complications. Ice application also contributes to the healing process. The person is discharged from the hospital on the 2nd day. Regular use of the medications recommended by the doctor after the operation is important. Especially in the first days, adopting a sleeping position with your head higher and sleeping as hard as possible contributes positively to the healing process. One should not take a bath for the first 2 days.

When applying make-up after Face Lift Surgery and combing the hair, gentle and gentle action should be taken. During the first 6 months, creams with sun protection factor should be used and activities such as steam bath and sauna should be avoided. After Facelift Surgery, at least two weeks of sex, intense sports activities and all kinds of exercises that require physical strength, heavy activities such as household chores should be avoided and should be rested. Generally, it can be returned to work and social life in the 2nd week.

Facelift Surgery Risks

Small blood accumulations (hematoma) that may occur after this surgery can sometimes cause aesthetic problems. Therefore, it is necessary to keep a hose that absorbs the fluid accumulation under the skin called “drain” for at least one day after this surgery.

Infection is one of the rare complications after this surgery. Skin loss can be a serious problem if you smoke. Numbness and hair loss of the scalp may also be rare. However, the hair and feel will always come back.

Rare Complications

  • Bleeding
  • Traces Infection
  • Hair Loss
  • Nervous Injury and Numbness

Recovery Time:

The recovery time after face lift operations varies from person to person. The type of operation affects the healing process in the intervened area. After facelift surgery, the person is discharged on the day of the operation and depending on the situation, after staying in the hospital the next day.

At the end of the 1st week, stitches on the face and eyelids are removed, and on the 10th day, other stitches in the hair are removed.

In the first 3 days, edema and swelling may occur in the head and neck region, suture areas and areas close to the stitches. The swelling gradually decreases from the 3rd and 4th day following the facelift surgery, and it may take up to 3 weeks to disappear completely.

After Facelift Surgery, loss of sensation, numbness in the relevant area, swelling and changes in skin color can be observed for a few weeks, these effects diminish and disappear within a few weeks. Redness and bruises usually disappear in the 3rd week.

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