Frequently Asked Questions

In this section we provide answers to many of our patients’ most frequently asked questions. If you cannot find an answer to your questions here please contact us and we will be happy to help.

Evaluations are made by your expert Consultants and physicians in the field and selected with your approval.

You can ask for an appointment by filling in our contact form or you can contact us by phone.
WhatsApp for English  : +90 544 348 07 87
Whatsapp for UK: +44 7520 642139
WhatsApp for French  : +90 546 766 30 30
WhatsApp for Russian : +90 546 767 30 30

In our VIP clinic located in the center of Antalya, we serve our valuable patients with our specialist dentists.

Initial examination from our dental specialists and plastic surgeon is free. After the visit and a brief conversation with you the doctor will give you an offer on which he will clearly indicate the treatments which he has planned for you and the schedule of your treatments.

We do not book your flights, but provide links on our website to the main low cost airlines for your convenience.

We offer a wide range of accommodation possibilities from pensions to 3 – 5 star hotels depending on your needs.

Yes, we have an ambulance service 24*7 available.

All the medicines are provided by the hospital pharmacy only.

Simply because the overheads for a dentist in Turkey are comparatively lower than in many European countries.

Dental implants are not generally covered by medical insurance. However, coverage may be possible, depending on your insurance plan and/or cause of tooth loss. Check with your plan administrator to find out about your coverage.

What other questions do you have about your treatment? Please write  us; info@antalyahealth.com

There is no surprise billing. All doctors we work with have professional liability insurance. In case of excuse, you will receive a 100% refund. All our procedures are transparent. Besides your medical treatment, it also coordinates your social programs. All your services are managed from a single source without intermediaries. You will be notified of your treatment plan and pricing within 3-5 days at the latest after your application.

No. There is no waiting period in Turkey. There are world-class, high-tech medical equipment. There are many specialized healthcare professionals in their fields. You can access non-insurance transactions in your home country easily and at affordable prices. Access to modern medical services requiring expertise, socio-cultural similarity and traditional tourism opportunities are other reasons.

Turkey was # 1 in the world with 52 JCI accredited hospitals in 10 hospitals have been accredited by TEMOS. Because physical condition and equipment standards in the world, with 53 countries of Turkey Ministry of Health, there are 87 cooperation agreements in the field of health.

Evaluations are made by your expert Consultants and physicians in the field and selected with your approval.

Your previous hospital reports, examination results and medical imaging reports.

In addition to factors such as health institutions, doctors and hotels, the general condition of your target country is also very important in terms of both your comfort and safety. Turkey is a safe country where you can have comfort in all respects. Its rapidly developing economy has made comfort and luxury accessible in the country. The high level of welfare, especially in big cities such as ANTALYA, is an important and positive indicator of security. Luxury transportation, lodging and resort facilities, technology and health care in the race situation with Europe and America, a country that makes it a preferred medical tourism in Turkey.

We assist our patients to get reimbursement from your private insurance company in your transactions regarding your treatments, and provide a written translation of your treatment plans and invoices in your native language.

After you apply on our website or by phone, you will receive an informational e-mail or phone call. You need to collect the patient’s current medical documents and send them in response to the e-mail.

Since every individual application made to us is examined in the finest detail, you will be answered within 3 working days at the latest.

After your treatment, here and when you return to your country, regular patient follow-up is done, and we bridge the communication between the patient and the physician.

Cash machines (ATMs) are available throughout Turkey. European credit and debit cards acceptance and instructions are usually available in English. Turkey international credit and debit cards are widely accepted in shops and restaurants in general. However, it is recommended to carry cash especially for small shops and cafes. Traveller’s checks can be exchanged at banks, large hotels and currency exchange offices.