Implant Treatment in Turkey

Implant Treatment in Turkey

Implant Treatment in Turkey and Advantages

implant treatment in turkey antalyaThere are many advantages of have implants in Turkey. In Turkey, the highest quality dental implants can make applications to one third of European prices. You will have a very suitable implant treatment service, which is quite superior to world standards. As Dental Clinic Turkey, we offer the most reliable service in the field of implant applications in our branches in Antalya. With our modern and high-tech center, advanced facilities and experienced dentists, we make special treatment plans for all your needs.

All of our dentists and receptionists are fluent in English, effectively managing the communication process with patients.

Our patients who come for dental treatment abroad can benefit from the following advantages;

Dental Treatment Planning

No matter where you are in the world, you can communicate with us via e-mail, live chat, phone or WhatsApp. You can get a panoramic x-ray in your country, send it to us via e-mail or cargo. Treatment planning is made with panoramic x-ray. Treatment price information is shared at this stage.

Easy to Get an Appointment

After the treatment planning, an appointment is made by our clinic for the treatment date, which is also suitable for you.

Airport Transfer for Dental Treatment

A private airport transfer opportunity is provided to all patients coming from abroad for dental treatment.

Hotel and Accommodation Service for Dental Treatment

Accommodation is provided in our contracted hotels. Our patients spend a comfortable dental treatment process throughout their stay in Turkey.

Travel and Guide Support for Dental Treatment

Our patients have the opportunity to have their dental treatments and to visit Antalya through the tour companies we have contracted with to rest.

Contact for Dental Treatments in Turkey

You can direct any questions you want from our contact form and get detailed information from Dental ClinicTurkey specialist physicians. If you wish, you can also contact us via our WhatsApp line at +905443480787 and +905447663030. Our International Patient Responsible Unit will return to you as soon as possible.

You may want to fix your chewing and biting problems by completing your missing tooth, but don’t want to pay a fortune for it. Dental Clinic Turkey offers you a permanent solution for life by providing implant treatments to solve this problem. We promise you a smooth mouth with our professionally performed implant treatments.

What is dental implant?

Millions of people suffer from dental problems due to periodontal diseases and tooth decay. Until recently, dental bridges or dentures were the only way to solve the missing tooth problem, but now there are new options for solving the missing tooth problem. Today, implant treatments are the most preferred method to solve this problem, thanks to their long-lasting, natural appearance, functional and aesthetic nature.

A dental implant is a prosthetic tooth placed in the jawbone to perform the function of a missing tooth and to look aesthetic. A prosthesis to be placed in the mouth with surgical methods may sound scary, but it really is not. On the contrary, a missing tooth in the mouth can cause problems such as sagging mouth, changing facial appearance, giving the face an aged appearance. Dental implants help prevent these problems by protecting the bone structure.

Implant Treatment In Turkey

Implant treatment is among the most preferred dental operations worldwide. Turkey is one of the most successful country with a success rate of up to 98% of implant treatment. Dental Clinic Turkey is one of the most successful and reliable institutions that people considering dental treatments outside their own countries can choose.

Thanks to our professional dentists with extensive experience, we meet the needs of patients and gain their trust in return. Your implant treatment starts with the x-rays you will take. According to these x-rays, your dentist decides on the appropriate prosthesis design for your mouth and informs you about the process.

The operation is performed under local anesthesia unless there is a special condition requiring general anesthesia. So in either case, you won’t feel any pain to fear. We can also offer sedation options for our patients with dental phobia.

Care After Implant Treatment

After implant treatment, care is very important in terms of preventing any problems and ensuring that the implant lasts longer. Unless your dentist suggests otherwise, daily care and routine dental check-ups will be sufficient for post-treatment care.

For daily care, regular brushing, flossing, and cleaning with mouthwashes should be applied as you apply to your normal teeth.

Advantages of Implant Treatment Dental Clinic in Turkey

Our first priority is to make you feel safe with Dental Clinic Turkey, where our award-winning surgeon and 23 years of experience meet. Our other advantages;

  • Free consultation opportunity
  • Free x-ray and tomography scanning
  • Best price guarantee
  • Private airport transfers
  • Special group discounts
  • 24-hour reachable personal host during your stay

Special discounts for accommodation or free accommodation depending on your treatment plan

Implant Treatment Results

You will be in Turkey, you will get the following result in implant treatment:

  • Teeth that look natural and feel natural
  • High self-confidence
  • A complete and trouble-free mouth

Implant Treatment Prices in Turkey

One or more of your teeth may be missing. This can create difficulties for you while eating or lower your self-esteem. Although solutions for dental problems are quite expensive, you are not helpless.

Turkey, which has extensive experience in dentistry, a growing number of successful operations, and provide you with very reasonable prices with great results suggest implant treatment in exchange rates.

In general, prices vary according to the number of implants and the general dental condition of the patient. Dental Clinic Turkey prepares your personal treatment plan by considering every personal detail about you and offers all-inclusive implant treatment packages for the best price that can be given to you.

Our Best Services Included

  • Special Consultation
  • Panoramic X-ray
  • Periapical X-Ray
  • Tomography
  • Medicine (Antibiotic and Painkiller)
  • Ice-Pack
  • Transfer Services (Hotel to Clinic)
  • Local Anaesthesia

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