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With the confidence of 20 years of experience, we offer the best treatment service for you in Antalya. Our examinations are free of charge in all our clinics and we vip serve with equipment equipped with the latest technology.

We wanted to start 2022 with surprises. Together with our Swedish and French offices, we are now opening our new clinic in Antalya! We are preparing another clinic in a new brand , completely VIP Concept, in order to provide a special service just for you. We will be happy to host you in our new clinic, which we plan to open at the end of February.

Getting service in our clinics serving since 2001 means getting service from a team that understands you while receiving this service, who is with you during your treatment and works without compromising professionalism.

All our staff speak fluent English, German, French, Russian and Arabic. Our staff is available 24/7 to assist you in your own language.

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Dental Clinic Turkey

Mouth and dental health; In our clinics, with our belief in the importance of correct diagnosis, planning and treatment; We continue our work with the happiness and pleasure we receive from our profession and from you, our dear patients.

Dental treatments provided by our dentists who are experts in their fields and who do their job enjoyable, include all the achievements of 21st century world dentistry. Our experienced dentists apply dental implants and aesthetic dental treatments. In our clinics, general dentistry applications (dental cleaning, root canal treatment, filling), implant treatments, aesthetic dentistry treatments (bonding, laser teeth whitening, laminated crowns, crowns, bridges) prosthetic applications are performed with great care.

Dental Clinic Turkey, which has increased its service area with our new clinic; offers treatment in a comfortable and calm environment and minimizes the level of pain. At the same time, the patient and the doctor work with absolute protection against infection.

Unique Diagnosis

With Dental Clinic Turkey, you can reach a complete examination (from computed tomography to digital dentistry) quickly and in one place with its unique and modern diagnostic equipment in dentistry.

Individual Approach

All necessary conditions for an individual treatment approach are ready. In this way, each patient has a personal registration of the treatment planning and of the entire treatment history. Your dentist knows the condition of your teeth, pays attention to your needs and determines the right treatment. All the appointments are planned for you and the visit times are reminded to you.

Continuous Improvement

Our dentists improve their skills in their clinics with continuous dental education. Thanks to these trainings, up-to-date protocols are applied in all treatments.

Always Stay Beautiful…

Turkey Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery in TurkeyWe continue all our professional services in the field of plastic surgery with the quality and services we provide in the field of dental treatment.

The main purpose of Turkey Plastic Surgery is to ensure that patients and their relatives receive the highest quality service without any problems on their important therapeutic journeys in the most economical and reliable way with a professional organization in the health sector.

You can meet with the best doctors and highest quality facilities of Antalya and get service at the best prices.

Plastic Surgery Turkey’s under the roof, there are many hospitals and doctors have been specially selected. All our doctors are accredited by the ministry of health. For this reason, we aim to offer the right treatment with the appropriate budget to our patients who request treatment and decide to come. All of our doctors speak English very well, and you can do online consultation with our doctors whenever you want.

We are aware of the difficulties of receiving health care in another country and in a foreign culture. For this reason, we accompany our patients at every stage of their treatment and make them feel that they are always “at home” and never alone. We guarantee a safe and stress-free travel pass a medical and Turkey Plastic Surgery.

We are happy to welcome you in our country.

Our clinics registreted with TURSAB which is essential for the provide a service in Turkey, and has provided accreditation by the Republic of Turkey the Ministry of Health.