Breast Reduction

Breast Reduction

Breast Reduction in Turkey

Big breasts cause very important health problems in women. The most important of these are;

  • Neck, back and shoulder pains,
  • Discomfort caused by rash and odor due to the contact of the breasts on the abdomen,
  • Restriction of physical activities and not wearing desired clothes,
  • Pitted deformity caused by the bra strap on the shoulder
  • It is known that the growth of breast tissue is mostly familial. Weight gain, births and breastfeeding cause the breasts to increase in size and sagging.

Your breasts may not both be the same size. In order to achieve symmetry in breast reduction surgery, different surgical techniques may be required to be applied to both breasts. The purpose of breast reduction surgery; It is to obtain symmetrical breasts of equal size and form that relieve the patient’s complaints.

What should be considered before the operation?

Breast Reduction in TurkeyWeight loss is recommended for overweight patients. Smoking negatively affects wound healing. For a healthy recovery process, you should quit smoking for a period of time before and after surgery. Do not use any medication 2 weeks before your operation day, you can use the medications you need to use in consultation with your surgeon.

You must follow your doctor’s instructions. Before breast reduction surgery, your doctor will learn the medical history of you and your family and determine the factors affecting breast size.

Make sure that your clothes and your accommodation are clean and hygienic after the surgery. Keep comfortable, clean, ironed clothes. Do what you need to do before the surgery and spend your time after the operation to rest.

What is Breast Reduction surgery?

Breast reduction surgery is the removal of excess fat and tissue and repositioning the breasts in desired sizes. There are several different surgical methods, and your surgeon will inform you about the traces, advantages and disadvantages of the methods and will choose the most appropriate technique for you.

You can share your concerns about the surgery with your surgeon. Breast Reduction surgery takes approximately 2-4 hours under general anesthesia, depending on the size of the breast. There may be asymmetry in the breasts, and the asymmetry can be corrected with the necessary reduction during surgery. After the operation, one night stay in the hospital and a surgical bra is worn for 6-8 weeks after the operation.

From what age can breast reduction surgery be performed?

Surgery can be performed from the age of 18. If severe mental and physical stress is experienced, breast reduction surgery can be performed under the age of 18, after breast tissue development is completed.

How long is recovery time after surgery?

The hospital stay is usually 1 day after breast reduction surgery. Drains that remove the accumulated fluids in the operation area are not used much recently. However, it is used in very large breasts. After these are removed and the dressing is completed, the patient who wears a sports bra is discharged. Controls are done in the 1st week.

After the stitches are removed, the scar treatment is continued. You can take a shower on the 4th day after breast augmentation surgery. Generally, 1 week of rest is sufficient after the operation. Since the sports bra is used, the patient feels safe and can go to work.

Will there be a lot of pain after the operation?

Pain after breast reduction surgery is not different from other surgeries. Pain can be easily controlled with painkillers and ice application. There may be occasional burning, stinging and slight tingling in the breasts for 6 – 12 months postoperatively. However, there is no severe pain.

What should be considered after the operation?

After staying in the hospital for one night after the operation, your surgeon will inform you about the issues you need to pay attention to and give the necessary instructions. When you leave the hospital, we want you to be on the move without tiring yourself, not to go home and go to bed. After the operation, it should be rested for at least 1 week and physical activities should be avoided for at least 1 month.

Do not lift weights after the surgery and ask your family and spouse to help you with household chores and childcare for a while.

Your stitch marks will fade over time, but will not disappear completely. The healing and clarity of the scars will vary from person to person. Scars will remain under the bra or bikini. Some creams and care products will be recommended to you for good healing of the scars.

In some cases, we apply fractional CO2 laser on the stitch scars to make them better and reduce their clarity in a shorter time.

After surgery, you can get pregnant and breastfeed your child with peace of mind. As a result of a successful surgery, you can get rid of your complaints and regain your lost self-confidence with your new clothes and new breasts.

How is the healing process?

The healing rate will vary from person to person and your breasts will be softer and more natural as healing continues. Do not skip your postoperative controls and call your surgeon and ask your questions. Our patients from abroad and from different continents who cannot come for regular examinations can always call us and be controlled remotely by sending their photos.

Week 1: You will have mild pain and ache in the early period. You can use pain relievers in the dose recommended by your doctor. This is the most common period of complications, and to avoid complications, walk without tiring yourself instead of lying down. Use your medical bra day and night.

Week 2: Your pain will be relieved. You can increase your movements. Depending on the job you do, you can return to your job. Swelling in your breasts will continue. Do not lift weights, do heavy housework, strenuous exercise for up to 6 weeks.

Week 6: You can take off your medical bra. You can continue your physical activities where you left off.

Month 6: Swelling will decrease, scars will fade and breasts will take their final shape.

Will breasts grow again after surgery?

Normally it will not grow back, but there may be excessive weight gain or some growth during pregnancy.

What should be considered on traveling by plane?

Be careful 8 weeks after the operation. Take a small, not heavy suitcase with you on air travel. Do not force yourself to carry your luggage. We are a charitable society and seek help from the people around you. Avoid people running in the airport from flying elbows on the plane. Drink plenty of water before and after travel, and before and after long trips take walks.

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