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All on 4 Implant Technique

What is All on 4 (What is All on Four) ?

Dental implant is the preferred treatment method of recent years. So what is the best dental implant or what is the new implant method called All on 4? What are the advantages and disadvantages of the All on 4 implant?

all on 4In recent years, oral and dental health has become one of the factors that determine the quality of life of individuals, which has played a decisive role in dentistry planning of dentists. Practices that increase patient satisfaction draw more attention.

The implant is a method developed to replace the missing teeth and eliminate complaints of chewing, taste, speech, pain and appearance. However, implant treatment is long and costly in patients who have no teeth or are likely to be completely toothless soon. All on 4 treatment is a fast and effective treatment method used to eliminate the conditions that require advanced surgery due to sinus lift, bone joint and bone deficiency in edentulous patients.

In cases of complete edentulousness, implant may not be placed in these areas as a result of the loss in the jaw bone, decreased distance with the nerve canal in the lower jaw and sagging of the sinus cavities in the upper jaw. In this case, implants placed solely in the anterior region with All on 4 technique may be the only option for fixed prosthesis. Most of the patients with complete prosthesis cannot fully perform the chewing function in time due to the weakness of the prosthesis especially in the lower jaw. Fixed prostheses, which can be applied thanks to the All on 4 procedure, allow the patient to chew painlessly and without any trouble.

In addition, the bone tissue is protected since the implants prevent the jaw bone from melting more. Patients do not have to use larger prostheses as the stability of the prosthesis will be provided by the implants.

In cases where bone tissue is severely reduced, performing surgical operations to increase bone tissue increase the risk of complications associated with these surgical operations over time. Thanks to the All on 4 procedure, the risk of these surgical complications is reduced by performing minimal surgical operations.

Patients can receive their implants and prostheses within the same day, without having to be edentulous for a prolonged time.

All on 4 treatment concept is the technique where fixed full-jaw prosthetic restoration is performed on 4 -6 implants on the same day as surgical operation. It ensures patient satisfaction by considering function, aesthetics, taste, speech and self-confidence.

How is All on 4 treatment performed?

all on 4 turkeyTitanium screw mechanism in traditional implants is used in All on 4 treatment. The biggest difference between traditional implants and All on 4 implants is how they are positioned in the mouth. Only 4 implants are sufficient with this new technique while 8 or 10 implants are used to replace lost teeth in a completely toothless jaw.

At the front, 2 implants are placed where the bone is the thickest, and 2 implants at the back of the jaw bone. The front implants are placed at an angle of 90 degrees, while the implants at the back are placed at an angle of 45 degrees to ensure maximum durability. The next step after placing these 4 implants is to place bridges or crowns on the implants.

In the treatment of all on 4, temporary prostheses are prepared according to the measure taken from the patients before the treatment. If the patient has teeth to be removed under local anesthesia, they are pulled and implants are placed. Temporary prostheses, which are specially created to fit perfectly, are placed into these implants. The patient’s permanent prostheses are placed after 3 months.

What are the advantages of All on 4 treatment?

The treatment is completed in a short time and it is possible to quickly get a healthy appearance with All on Four. It is more economical than the traditional implant method for patients who are completely edentulous or who are likely to be. Angularly placed implants are supported by the region with better bone quality and prevent damage to the anatomical structures. All on 4 treatment is a long-term proven treatment with up to 10 years in the lower jaw and up to 5 years in the upper jaw.

Thanks to the angled implants placed in the back of the jaw bone, anatomical formations are not damaged
Angled posterior implants are placed in a better quality bone using longer ones
Bone graft applications are not required
It allows making dentures that can be cleaned more easily
Aesthetics and function are provided
Further bone loss is prevented
Speech and chewing functions are improved
Resulting in a short time with less pain and less trouble

Who can apply the All on 4 implant technique?

The All on 4 implant technique can be applied to all patients who do not have any systemic disease that would impede dental implant application and have sufficient bone volume. Therefore, it does not pose a problem even if the patient is edentulous.

Will I have pain after All on 4 implant procedure?

After successful treatment, the process is more comfortable after the operation. You should talk to your doctor before treatment and use some medications in line with his guidance. Starting to use some drugs before the operation helps to facilitate the post-procedure process. Some pain and swelling can be seen after the operation as with any dental implant operation. However, these complaints can be easily controlled with the medicines you will use in accordance with the advice of your doctor.

Is All on 4 operation a successful procedure?

It shows that All on 4 treatment is a long-term treatment method with high success rate.

How to take nutritions after All on 4 ?

After the operation, you can use your temporary dental prosthesis, which is fixed on dental implants. However, you should stick to a diet that your doctor will recommend to you in the 3-month period which is necessary for bones to union with dental implants. After 3-month period is completed, you will be able to eat as you wish with your permanent prosthesis.

Does All on 4 Process Hurt?

All on 4 procedure is a procedure that can be easily performed under local anesthesia. However, it can also be performed under sedation or general anesthesia in patients with high levels of anxiety and fear.

Prices of All on 4 in Turkey

ALL ON 4 implant prices come up with different amounts and there are many reasons for this. As an example, the price increases if the dentist’s proficiency and experience level are higher. In addition, the quality of the material used is one of the most known parameters in determining the price. All on 4 prices vary according to the implant brand to be used. All on 4 technique can be applied with many implant brands.

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