Dental Tourism Turkey

implants turkey and dental tourismYour smile is one of the most important aspects of your appearance, but these days it can be difficult to maintain a good smile as dental care is hard to afford. As dentists in the West demand more out of their clients’ pockets, many are turning to take advantage of dental tourism in Turkey.

Dental Clinic Turkey is a modern dental clinic located in Antalya. Dental Clinic Turkey is located in the heart of this exciting city, looking after the dental health of local and international patients for more than 10 years. With a team of professionals who have extensive training we provide a full range of dental services to ensure you can obtain complete dental health when you visit us.

We deliver high-quality general dentistry, but have expertise in specialist areas including periodontics, oral surgery and prosthodontics. Before your treatment begins you will have a full assessment of what is required and a full treatment plan prepared detailing your schedule, how many sessions are required and recommended flights and accommodation.

At Dental Clinic Turkey we make every effort to ensure you have a good and predictable outcome to your treatment. Our clinic adheres to European standards in terms of the techniques and products we use for your care, and we maintain rigorous standards of hygiene and cleanliness.

Turkey is one of the leading countries in the world for dental tourism, due to its high-quality of care and, of course, its affordability. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch to ask about our services, or to discuss your own dental health situation with us – we are always pleased to offer assistance.

The Procedure of Your Dental Tour in Turkey

Contacting : Feel free to contact us via e-mail, phone, whatsapp or mail! We are looking forward to give you specific information regarding our dental treatments in Antalya. The coordinator of our multilingual department (German, English, Français, Turkish) will get in touch with you within 24 hours.

Scheduling : Upon consultation, you get an individual treatment plan and date for your dental trip to Antalya.

Arrival / Stay : Before your arrival, we gladly book a hotel room at our partner Hotel Trendpark in Konyaaltı and arrange the airport transfer (arrival and departure) for you.

Stage of treatment : After our dentists have examined you, they revise and discuss the treatment plan with you one more time. Based on this, your individual dental treatment takes place.

Panoramic X-Ray

In order to address your problems, we will need a dental panoramic X-ray. If you have a dentist in your country, you can ask that it will be done there and sent to us. Your dentist at home has to give you your x-ray if you ask for it, so do not hesitate to ask him or her. Once we receive the X-rays, our dentists will provide you a precise treatment plan and its estimated cost quickly so there will be no surprises regarding your treatment and prices. Contact us today to learn about pricing and receive more information regarding our treatment process. Please write +90 544 3480787 or fill in the contact form on the right of this page, so we can answer any of your questions regarding your dental travel to Turkey!

Structural efforts in Dental Tourism

You will be positively surprised by the quality and cutting-edge technology offered there. Although the prices are low, there is no reason to worry. The country has invested heavily into medical and dental services, from investing into education of medical staff to providing state of the art equipment. The country has become quite health tourism oriented. Since 2011 there is a special government body – the Department of Health Tourism – which operates under Ministry of Health and is responsible to plan, monitor and standardize development in health tourism at the national level.

Many Turkish universities and medical schools are offering scholarships for student to experience health care education of developed countries. Exchange programs that send Turkish medical students to perform research and gain experience in other European countries are also active. Additionally, there are increasing amount of medical school programs that offer entire education programs in English.

Turkey is good for health

Turkey has a growing reputation all around the world in terms of dentistry. The patients coming to Turkey from the European countries such as France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany and England, from the USA and from some of the Arab countries are provided with all treatment services concerning oral and dental health, particularly implant and aesthetic dentistry practices.

Why Dental Tourism Turkey?

You have so many reasons to prefer Turkey in oral and dental services. Here are several reasons: The surgical and clinical treatment fees in oral and dental health care services in Turkey are considerably lower than the Europe and the USA. In the treatment services offered in Turkey, the highest level of advantage is taken in the triangle of budget-service quality-success of therapy.

At the fully equipped centers specialized in oral and dental health care services in Turkey, all diagnoses, examinations and treatments regarding the oral and dental health from A to Z can be made under a single roof.

One of the important factors for Turkey to be preferred for health tourism is the good-humored treatment, patient-oriented health care services communication approach giving priority to patient satisfaction. The health tourism becomes attractive since Turkey is a complete tourism paradise with its history, natural beauties, facility quality, and places having different beauties in four seasons.

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