Dental Treatment in Turkey

Dental Treatment in Turkey

Not everyone is lucky enough to be born with a problem-free mouth, but having a problem-free mouth is not impossible either. Dental Clinic Turkey; ready to help people who need a little bit of correction in their mouth and who are looking for a solution for their dental problems.

What is Dental Veneer (Dental Crown)?

Dental veneers & crowns are very popular around the world for many different uses. It is a tooth-shaped material placed on the tooth to improve the shape, size, durability and appearance of the tooth.

The purpose of dental coatings; to heal, strengthen and cover the tooth. Dental veneer&crown treatment can be performed for many different purposes. In the absence of adequate dental support, these purposes include correcting a large filling, preventing breakage or decay of weak teeth, covering the implant, applying dental bridge treatment, covering misshapen or discolored teeth.

The most common treatments for dental crowns are dental bridge treatment and implant treatment. In some cases, a dental bridge is necessary for the appearance, health, and function of your jawline and teeth. In this treatment, each tooth is designed to complement the other.

When a tooth is missing in the mouth, this harms oral health. When more than one tooth is missing in the mouth, this abnormal condition causes the gums to recede, making the teeth more prone to decay. A dental bridge is needed to prevent this situation and to protect the teeth from this situation.

Dental veneers & crowns are made of different materials such as all metal, metal supported porcelain and full porcelain. Today, the most preferred veneer types are metal-supported porcelain and full porcelain (emax porcelain) dental veneers.

The difference between metal-supported porcelain and all-porcelain dental veneers is that full porcelain dental veneers&crowns look more aesthetic. Your dentist will decide on the type of dental veneer that is suitable for you after examining your dental health, number of teeth, tooth color, briefly your general oral health. The type of dental veneer that is right for you will be decided by considering function and appearance.

Porcleain Veneers and Porcelain Crowns

Dental Veneer & Crown Treatment in Turkey

Dental treatment is among the most frequently performed dental operations worldwide. By using the latest technology and providing the highest standards of service, Turkey has become a very successful country in dental treatments.

Thanks to its professional team and affordable prices, Dental Clinic Turkey is suitable for people who are looking for a solution outside their own country to have a healthy mouth. It is one of the most successful and reliable medical tourism companies in Turkey.

We offer you professional care and reasonable prices to reach a healthy mouth in Turkey, and help you have a trouble-free travel.

You can solve your accommodation, transfer and communication problems before coming to Turkey. Dental Clinic Turkey works diligently to assist you in these matters.

Dental veneer & crown treatment consists of at least two sessions. Number of sessions; It depends on whether dental bridge, implant treatment and other similar treatments are added to the patient’s treatment.

Your treatment begins with a free consultation. In the consultation, your dentist will examine your mouth and inform you about your general oral condition and the treatments you need.

In the first session, your dentist will thoroughly clean your mouth, reshape the teeth where the veneers will be placed, and take your dental impression to prepare the veneers. Temporary teeth are placed in your mouth so that you do not experience difficulties during the waiting period.

If you do not need any other treatment, in the next session, your dentist will test the newly prepared dental veneers in your mouth, checking for color, size and appearance. With your approval, dental veneers are permanently placed on your teeth.

Care After Dental Treatment

Daily care and routine dental check-ups will be sufficient for post-treatment care. For daily care, regular brushing, flossing, and cleaning with mouthwashes should be applied as you would your natural teeth.

Advantages of Dental Veneer & Crown Treatment with Dental Clinic Turkey in Turkey

  • General dental treatment
  • Professional dentists with many years of professional experience
  • Free X-rays to be provided when needed
  • Best price guarantee
  • Private airport transfers
  • Special group discounts
  • Personal host available 24 hours a day during your stay
  • Special discounts for accommodation
  • Dental Veneer Treatment Results
  • High self-confidence
  • A healthy mouth
  • The smile in your dreams
  • Teeth that look and feel natural

Click for our gallery consisting of before and after dental veneer treatment.

dental treatment for full mouth

Dental Veneer & Crown Treatment Prices in Turkey

It is very common to have weak teeth, but it often takes a fortune to deal with it. Here Turkey is the right choice at this point. Turkey is one of the most successful countries you can choose for dental treatments, with affordable dental veneer treatment prices.

As Dental Clinic Turkey, we care about you and your financial situation. We offer you all-inclusive packages that include accommodation, transfers, a personal treatment plan and a personal host, helping you have your dental veneer treatment at affordable prices and a problem-free trip.

Get Your FREE Treatment Plan NOW!

All Inclusive Package for Dental Treatment

Dental Clinic Turkey is happy to help you have a good and comfortable trip in Turkey.

Here are our service details and additional services that you can benefit from:

Dental Treatment with Dental Clinic Turkey

Dental Clinic Turkey is happy to help you solve your oral problems. You will have a successful dental treatment with Dental Clinic Turkey in Turkey.

Special Group Discounts

Does your friend also have dental problems? Then come together and take advantage of Dental Clinic Turkey’s special discounts. Smile together and discover the beauties of Antalya together!

Free X-Ray

We do not take any payment for all x-rays and periapical x-rays taken before and during the procedure when necessary.

Private Airport Transfers

We can arrange all transfers for you during your trip, not only the airport, but also depending on your request. Dental Clinic Turkey team is ready to provide you with a transfer for a hassle-free travel. You should contact your consultant for details.

Personal Counselor Available 24 Hours During Your Stay

You are not alone here. Dental Clinic Turkey provides you with a personal consultant who can be reached 24 hours a day during your stay in our country. Thus, you do not worry about potential communication problems you may experience, and you only focus on your treatment. In addition, your personal consultant will provide you with information not only about your treatment, but also about shopping, places to visit and restaurants.

Free Stay or Special Discounts for Accommodation

While you are having your dental treatment in Turkey, depending on your treatment plan, you can have accommodation in our contracted hotels or stay in comfortable hotels where you can benefit from very special discounts. All options will be presented to you by your consultant.

Phone & Whatsapp

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all on 6 dental implant surgery

What is an Implant? How is it done?

The issue of what is an implant is much more closely related to those with missing teeth. Because this treatment is a treatment that aims to complete missing teeth and is applied by placing a titanium screw on the jawbone and placing a prosthetic tooth on it. The fact that it does not harm the neighboring teeth is among the advantages of implant treatment. In this treatment, there is no need to cut or thin the adjacent teeth. At the same time, implant teeth can be used as easily as natural teeth. No adaptation process is required.

One of the most important elements for the implementation of this treatment is the jawbone. The bone must have a structure suitable for treatment. If your bone quality is not sufficient, alternative methods can be preferred and the jawbone can gain a more intense form and then implant treatment can be started. Only a specific group of patients, such as those with advanced diabetes and those with bleeding problems, cannot benefit from the treatment. Apart from this, we can state that it is a treatment that can be applied to almost everyone.

How Is Implant Made?

Every individual who has completed the age of 18, that is, who has completed the development of the jawbone, can benefit from implant treatment. Of course, it is also wondered how the treatment is applied about what is an implant. Before starting the treatment, it is necessary to measure the jaw bones and the remaining teeth. In this way, it is possible to prepare the most suitable prosthetic tooth for the patient’s tooth and mouth structure. X-ray film is needed to take the measurement of the jawbone.

The main thing that patients wonder about what is an implant can be the placement of the implants. This process can be performed in 2 different ways. The first is the insertion of the gingiva immediately after the implant is placed. In the second method, the implant is placed and covered using the gum. Recovery is expected for a while. Afterwards, the prosthetic teeth are placed. After the titanium screw is placed, it is necessary to wait 3 months for the lower jaw and 4-6 months for the upper jaw. In this way, a complete recovery is achieved.

Recently, the subject of what is an implant can also include new techniques. For example, zirconium implants are called ‘next generation implants’. Because it can strengthen the resistance of implants and due to this feature, it can be used more and more every day. Zirconium is a material that offers a whiteness close to natural teeth and is frequently used in dental veneers. We can state that this substance, which does not leave a metal taste in the mouth, reflects light and does not cause color change, does not cause any harm to the body.

How Long Does the Implant Last?

Titanium, which is used in implant treatment, is a durable material like zirconium. Therefore, we can say that the lifetime of implants is extremely long. One of the factors that patients wonder about what is an implant is, how long it lasts. The mechanical resistance of titanium and zirconium to breaking or bending is extremely high. For this reason, we should state that implants can be used for more than 30 years, even for a lifetime.

In addition, the element that every patient should know about what is an implant is that oral and dental health and cleaning should not be neglected. Because in cases such as neglecting dental health and not going to regular dental check-ups, the service life of the implants, like other teeth in the mouth, may be adversely affected.

Implant Prices 2023 How Much?

Those who turn to the subject of what is an implant for the completion of missing teeth may also wonder how much budget they should allocate for this treatment. First of all, implant prices do not correspond to the high figures in 2022 as expected.

However, the prices vary depending on many different factors such as the materials used in this procedure, how many teeth are missing in the patient. For this reason, it would be misleading to answer questions such as how much the implant prices are in 2023 with a clear number. After the examination, a clear price information will be sent to you.

Is Implant Treatment Harmful?

Unfortunately, there is a lot of wrong information on the internet and this information can cause wrong thoughts among the public. We can also witness that the minds of those who do online research on what is an implant are very confused. Implant treatment does not have any harm. At the same time, we should state that the materials used in the treatment are not harmful, and that these materials have started to be used in dentistry after many researches have been done before.

Titanium is one of the materials that patients wonder about implants. It should be known that titanium is a bone-friendly material and does not cause any damage to the teeth or jawbone. Of course, having had an implant before does not mean that there will be no more dental problems.

Neglecting dental health and cleaning can cause tooth decay. But this is not because of the implant. It should also be noted that it does not cause an allergic reaction in the body. The information that it causes osteoporosis or cancer does not reflect the truth. Instead of relying on such information, discussing the issue with your dentist will provide you with much more accurate information. Your dentist will give you the healthiest information about this treatment, which has been applied for many years and helps to eliminate missing teeth.

Is Implant Treatment Painful?

First of all, it is necessary to talk about the pain details about what is an implant. Before the procedure, local anesthesia is applied and the area to be intervened is numbed. Therefore, it is not possible for the patient to feel any pain or pain during the application.

full mouth implant treatment
Full mouth implant restoration

Only on the day of the procedure, slight pain or pain may be felt after the effect of the anesthesia wears off. However, this pain can be controlled with the use of painkillers. You can make an appointment for the treatment to take place without any worries. As a result, it would not be right to consider the issue of what is an implant as a painful process.

How Long Is the Implant Life?

The high strength of the materials used makes the implants last a long time. Because one of the reasons why the issue of what an implant is for many patients is that the treatment can be used for a long time. Today, the best treatment option for tooth loss is shown as an implant. Of course, dental bridges or removable dentures can also be preferred.

However, when a comparison is made at the point of comfortable use, we can also state that the implant is a more attractive option for patients.

For patients of all ages, the issue of what is an implant may come up and treatment can be applied. Let us convey the information that this treatment can be applied when there is more than one tooth loss side by side. Quality determines both the service life of the inserted teeth and the success of the treatment. In the case of using quality materials, it is possible to get much more satisfying results.

You can call us on our free Whatsapp line whenever you want to get information about our implant treatments.

Dental Veneers

Dental Veneers: Benefits, Procedure, Costs and Results

Dental Veneers are in the treatment types that strengthen the aesthetic appearance of the person and enable you to achieve the tooth shape and color you dream of. While using different types of dental veneers options; zirconium and emax veneers are the most successful and natural results recently.

new teeth and smile design

New Teeth in Turkey

Look Happier in Your Life with White New Teeth!

If you are not happy with your smile, if you want to have healthy and shiny teeth, it is time to meet with aesthetic dentistry treatments.

Problems that occur in your teeth affect your social life as well as your health, and non-aesthetic teeth cause you to lose your self-confidence. Do not worry, you can achieve the healthy smile you dream of with aesthetic dentistry applications planned by considering your personal needs!

Come to Dental Clinic Turkey to gain a beautiful smile, color your life with your self-confident, remarkable and noticeable smile.

Teeth may lose their color due to smoking, use of tea, coffee, aging, root canal treatment, antibiotics taken during the developmental period, various systemic diseases and improper care.

Are Yellow Teeth Obstructing Your Smile? Do you need a consultation? You can contact us by filling out our Online Consultation form, we will contact you as soon as possible..

Smile Design for New Teeth

Are your aesthetic concerns preventing you from laughing freely? Smile Design is the right solution for your problem!

Smile design, one of the aesthetic dentistry applications, is the design of the most appropriate smile by evaluating your facial features, lip thickness, gender and skin color. You will get an attractive and intellectual look with your new smile created by our aesthetic dentist staff, considering your social and business life.

Regain your self-confidence with a smile specially designed for you, become an attractive and noticed person in your business and social life. Laugh again with smile design…

new teeth for woman
Smile Design for New Teeth

Full Porcelain

Abrasions and color changes that occur in the teeth with age cause both health and aesthetic problems!

Full porcelain veneers, which are preferred because they are brighter and more striking than other veneers, give teeth with wear and discoloration problems a completely different look. Aesthetic dentist treatments prevent possible problems by preserving the health of the gums.

If you are not satisfied with the shape, appearance and durability of your teeth, you should meet our full porcelain application right away!

Zirconium Crowns

Worn and discolored teeth are no longer a problem thanks to the zirconium crowns that give the teeth their old appearance!

Zirconium-based porcelains are more durable than normal metal, create a natural and aesthetic appearance in the patient’s mouth, increase the quality of life of the person and give the person an ideal smile.

If you want to achieve a natural and remarkable appearance on your teeth and smile with confidence, zirconium veneer application is for you! Meet our aesthetic dentist staff now…

Lamina Porcelain Veneer

If you want naturalness and aesthetics together, do yourself a favor with porcelain grabs that will make a difference with your smile!

Lamina porcelain veneers, which are generally applied on anterior teeth, prepared in different colors and forms and adhered to tooth surfaces, are quite durable despite their thin structure and provide a completely real appearance thanks to their light transmittance. You can get brand new teeth with aesthetic dental treatments.

If you want to capture the image of your dreams and regain your self-confidence without disturbing the natural structure of your teeth, Dental Clinic Turkey aesthetic dentist is with you.

new teeth for man
Smile Design

Aesthetic Filling

If you think that your teeth have lost their healthy appearance and function, aesthetic fillings will be your savior!

Aesthetic filling; It is the application of bonding the natural color fillings to the teeth with a special light technique for problems caused by deficiencies, damage and caries in the teeth. They are the most preferred fillings as they are flexible and shapeable and completed in a single session.

Take advantage of the comfort of Dental Clinic Turkey dental clinic filling technology to restore your teeth to their former health and end your aesthetic concerns!

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening applications for those who are not satisfied with the color of their teeth and dream of a bright smile!

Teeth whitening treatment, which is used to whiten teeth that have changed color for various reasons and to achieve a personalized color tone; It can be applied according to your needs with different techniques such as home type, office type, single tooth whitening and combined whitening.

Dental Clinic Tukey aesthetic dentistry treatment Opelascene is the best solution for a noticeable and memorable smile!

Full Ceramic Crown

If you want to get rid of the artificiality of classical dental veneer techniques, meet with full ceramic crown!

All-ceramic veneers are the most aesthetically advanced and preferred applications for the restoration of anterior teeth, which are made of reinforced porcelain in the infrastructure or completely reinforced as blocks. Thanks to aesthetic dental treatments, you can also achieve a perfect smile.

If you want your teeth to have a strong, bright, natural and aesthetic appearance, contact our aesthetic dentist staff and start your treatment without wasting time.

Aesthetic Dentistry Treatment Methods

With the latest technology methods used in aesthetic dentistry treatments, you can have a special, noticeable and shining healthy smile! If you want to create a solid image in social and professional life, aesthetic dental treatments are for you!

What awaits you in the Aesthetic Dentistry Treatment Process?

Get the smile of your dreams and make peace with mirrors with our dentists, who are experts in aesthetic dentistry treatments and produce solutions according to your problems and expectations by applying current and modern methods! Meet with aesthetic dental treatments without wasting time!

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