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Implants Treatment in Turkey

Implant replaces lost teeth both in appearance and function. Since it is fixed, it does not cause the foreign body sensation that conventional prostheses give. Does not move in the mouth when speaking and chewing like other dentures.

There are some important elements required for implant treatment. The most important of these is adequate bone amount and density. Because dental implants have a certain height and width. The quality of the bone is also an important condition for successful implant treatment.

Another important issue is that the gums are healthy. Just as your natural teeth are affected by oral health, this is also true for implants. Adequate and qualified bone amount and healthy gums affect the success of the implant.

Projects Your Jaw

Teeth are organs that nourish the jawbone. If the tooth is lost, the jawbone loses its support and the pressure exerted by the teeth on the jawbone disappears during chewing. This causes bone resorption in the area of ​​missing tooth. Since conventional prostheses do not replace the root of the tooth, bone resorption continues in this caseImplants support the jawbone like tooth roots and transmit the pressure on the tooth to the jawbone.

Since implants are structures that imitate the tooth root, bone and surrounding tissues grasp the natural tooth root and wrap the implant. In this way, bone resorption is prevented.

The natural tooth root remains embedded in the jawbone. It ensures that the jawbone remains alive, maintains its size and densityAn implant that replaces a missing tooth is also an artificial tooth root. It replaces the natural tooth root and undertakes its duties. In order for the natural tooth root to perform its functions successfully, the fusion called ‘osseointegration’ must occur. An osseous implant can transmit chewing loads directly to bone.

The dental implant attaches to the jawbone through the threads on it and ossifies between three weeks and two months.

Implants gives a natural tooth feel!

Implant replaces lost teeth both in appearance and function. Since the implant is fixed, it does not create the foreign body sensation that conventional prostheses give. It does not move in the mouth during speech and chewing like other prostheses.

Dental Implants in Turkey
Full Mouth Implants for Woman

Many people who complain about tooth deficiency or who use classical dentures feel uncomfortable and insecure due to their teeth, some people display an introverted mood and feel themselves older than they are.

Since the implant is from a real tooth appearance in terms of both function and aesthetics, patients begin to feel more comfortable and confident after treatment.

Painless and Long-Lasting

Local anesthesia performed during tooth extraction is sufficient for implant operation. The patient does not feel any pain during the surgical intervention. Pain relief supplements that may occur after the operation are eliminated. The life span of implants is as long as that of natural teeth.

After a successful implant treatment, they will remain in your mouth for many years without any problems as long as you care about your oral and dental health and care. Implants that have remained intact for 30 years in the mouth have been clinically detected.

You can eat anything you want

In tooth deficiencies, the inability to chew food sufficiently, and pain during chewing creates situations. The implant frees you from these restrictions. In addition, in the use of classical prostheses, people often complain of food particles escaping under the prosthesis and not being able to chew easily. The implant allows you to chew easily, and you can easily eat hard and dry foods.

The success achieved in implant surgery is more than 90 percent. In a mouth with suitable conditions for implant operation, after an implant treatment performed under correct and hygienic conditions, oral hygiene and care are given importance and regular controls are carried out, there will be no problems with implants.

It Is The Best Alternative Implants When No Bridge Is Made

Conventional bridge treatment is impossible in jaws with toothless backs, since there are no teeth required for bridge construction. For this reason, removable prosthesis is applied in classical methods in jaws with toothless ends.

Fixed prostheses can be made instead of removable prostheses thanks to the implants placed in the edentulous area in the posterior region. In the absence of more than one tooth side by side, even if there are natural teeth at the beginning and end of the toothless area, there is a possibility of bending and stretching because the bridge to be made will be too long. In addition, since the teeth to be used as bridge pillars will be exposed to too much force, the bridge to be made will not be long-lasting.

Implants treatment allows for a more functional and long-lasting prosthesis in long toothless areas.

These Issues Require Implants

Implants and Oral Hygiene

If you have difficulty in tasting with dentures that cover your palate
If you frequently fall out of your hand and break while washing your prostheses
If the removable prostheses you use disrupt your speech
If food residue escapes under the prosthesis while eating and a bad smell occurs
If you can’t eat everything you want
If the bridge legs you use are painful
If your removable dentures are getting wrinkled in another part of your mouth every day
If you cannot use your upper and lower dentures without adhesive
If you think that the natural appearance will deteriorate when you have a bridge in the missing front single tooth
One or more of your teeth are missing
If you have no teeth
Lack of teeth in the back of your jaw
If you want to be protected from osteoporosis as a result of missing teeth.

The life of dental implants is directly proportional to regular and complete oral care, like natural teeth. After implant application, attention is paid to oral and dental care, and if regular dental checks are made, the implants stay in the mouth will be longer.

Dental Implants Price in Turkey

We work a lot of implant brand and our implant price start from 300£ each one.

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