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Capture the aesthetic change in your smile with Zirconia Crown …

Zirconia provides a perfect appearance and an aesthetic posture on your teeth with its light transmittance and strengthened structure.

With the development of technologies in aesthetic dentistry, porcelains containing metal are being abandoned. In this system, which has many features such as healthier, more aesthetic, more biocompatible and resistance, zirconia, a white alloy, is used instead of metal as a substructure.

Zirconia-based porcelains are both natural enough to be used in front teeth and strong enough to be used in posterior teeth.

Zirconia Tooth Crowns at a Glance

Improved View; Suitable colour options to match existing natural teeth, specially developed speacial white option!

Harmony; The average usage period of zirconia crown is 20 years. It does not have any allergic reaction. It is not affected by hot and cold.

Durability; It gives high stability thanks to its impressive power.

Aesthetic; Together with your natural teeth, it creates a harmonious image by giving the image of your own teeth.

Quality; Zirconia dental restorations are produced without sacrificing aesthetics, harmony, durability and function.

What is Zirconia Crown?

Zirconia crowns have the perfect gingiva harmony. The gray reflection of the metal at the gingival border with the coating does not occur in zirconium crowns. This situation both aesthetically satisfies the person and the fact that the gingival harmony is so good eliminates the problems such as gingival recession that may occur in the future. Their colour does not change with the consumption of coloring foods such as tea and coffee. Tartar build-up is not visible because their surfaces are polished.

Zirconia Crown in Turkey
Zirconia Crowns

What are the Advantages of Zirconia Crowns for Patients and Physicians?

The application time is shortened in aesthetic studies with zirconia. If desired, a new smile can be given to the person in 2 days. The aesthetic quality of the tooth is very high, its light transmittance and posture are like a natural tooth.

What Are Its Advantages in Aesthetic Dentistry?

It is one of the most aesthetic materials used in dentistry. Although the enamel of a healthy tooth is completely translucent, the metals used under porcelain teeth can create an opaque appearance in porcelain teeth. The problem of lifeless vision, which can be seen especially in sunny environments and photo flash, has been solved in zirconium teeth.

It is non-allergic, it is a tissue-friendly material. Since their heat insulating properties are very good, they prevent cold-hot sensitivity. Zirconium porcelains have 900 megapascal resistance. Thanks to these features, they can be used very easily in the teeth in the back regions. Although it is so strong, it is elegant and aesthetic enough to pass light. It is an advanced technology material that can be used safely in both anterior and posterior teeth.

Is root canal treatment applied to each tooth to be made with Zirconia Crown?

Root canal treatment is not required for every tooth to be crowned with zirconia crown, however, root canal treatment can be performed when necessary before being coated due to damage to the nerves in teeth with excessive decay and substance loss.

In how many sessions does Zirconia Crown treatment end?

The treatment, which starts with abrasion of the teeth and impression in the clinical environment, is usually completed in 3 or 4 sessions with the infrastructure rehearsal and colour selection, polishing and bonding with the dental prosthesis laboratory.

During the treatment period, temporary coatings are attached free of charge to allow you to chew on aesthetics and function and against possible sensitivities.

Is pain felt during Zirconia Crown procedure?

All teeth to be restored are anesthetized with digital anesthesia before the procedure and temporary restorations are delivered to the patient before the sensation of numbness disappears, and it is ensured that the standard of life is maintained with temporary coatings until the new teeth arrive.

How to Care for Zirconia Crown?

In zirconia crowns, it is necessary to brush regularly just like one’s own teeth and to provide oral hygiene continuously by using dental floss. Coatings envelop the gum like a collar. In this case, zirconium coatings have no effect such as odor and tooth decay under normal conditions.

However, one thing that should never be forgotten is that teeth are living tissues. Over time, erosions and gingival recessions can be seen in proportion to the age of the person. In such cases, there is no change in zirconium crowns, but it may be necessary to adapt according to the changed texture.

When it is desired to be changed, it can be removed without damaging the teeth. By adhering the dentist teeth to the person, it can be made to get used to its new appearance and newly gained function for a while. It is possible to stick zirconia crowns with lighter adhesives for the person’s adaptation process.

In addition to brushing, professional cleaning every 6 months plays a very important role in the maintenance phase. Regular dental check-ups and professional care improve oral hygiene, and this helps to maintain the overall internal balance of the body.

Are fractures or loss of coating common in zirconia teeth?

As a result of the designs made by correctly determining the chewing movements of the patient and the relations between the two jaws, no fracture is expected in routine use. Zirconia’s fracture resistance is higher than teeth, but a severe trauma or a strong impact as a result of an accident can cause the tooth to break.

The chemical properties of the adhesives that we call “cement” used in bonding zirconia veneers have ideal properties to adhere to both teeth and zirconias. During the erosion of the teeth, the principles to increase the retention are used and it is a rare situation that the crowns come off the teeth.

Can Zirconia Crown Be Applied In Those With Gingival Disease?

When the gums are inflamed or problematic, coating is not a correct procedure. In the presence of a possible gingivitis, it is aimed to give a healthy appearance by first treating the gums. Afterwards, a compatible zirconia crown that does not damage the gums should be planned and applied.

What are Zirconia Crown Prices?

Our zirconia crown prices are 160 GBP / 180 EUR / 210 USD. To find out if zirconia crowns are suitable for you, you can fill out our online consultation form or call us free of charge on our Whatsapp line.