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With the development of technology, more aesthetic and durable materials have emerged in dentistry. Zirconium is one of these materials. The question of what is zirconium crown is frequently asked to us.

What is a zirconium crown? Why is Zirconium preferred? What is the zirconium crown of prices in Turkey?

Dental crowns are divided into two as metal-supported and unmetal-supported. For patients who need a more aesthetic smile, dentists also have more aesthetic treatment approaches. Aesthetic needs bring to the agenda that it is used more frequently in the treatment of zirconium-based teeth, which is a more aesthetic approach in dentistry.

Zirconium, which is used in tooth making and is a white coloured substance, is transformed into zirconia ceramic instead of pure mineral form and processed in special furnaces.

Zirconium crown offers a more natural appearance compared to metal supported crowns (pfm crowns).

Which teeth can zirconium crown be applied to?

Zirconium crowns can be applied to all teeth in the anterior and posterior regions.

What are the reasons why zirconium teeth are preferred?

Rather, for aesthetic purposes; In the treatment of advanced colour changes that do not give results with bleaching methods, in the diastema where the orthodontic treatment method is not selected, in the teeth that are discrete or slightly crooked and turned, in the old fillings with deformed structure, in the restoration of the teeth with excessive material loss, in the use as a bridge or coating on the posterior group teeth is preferred in implant prostheses and to provide smile aesthetics.

What are the aesthetically pleasing advantages of zirconium crowns?

With its light transmittance feature, a natural image is captured just like normal teeth. The enamel of healthy teeth transmits light completely.

Metal, which is the substructure of classical porcelain coating, creates an opaque appearance on teeth. This causes the teeth to appear lifeless and artificial. This is prevented by zirconium crown.

How are zirconium crowns applied?

The tooth is reduced in size as with metal-reinforced crown. When the gums are in a healthy state, the measurements are taken precisely with special measurements and spoons suitable for the mouth.

In the laboratory environment, the zirconium crowns substrate in the most suitable colour for the tooth and the porcelain superstructure are processed on it, and the harmony with the tooth is ensured in the clinical environment. In the last stage, it is fully adapted to the tooth with special adhesives. The person can use it indiscriminately from his own natural tooth.

Is pain felt during the procedure?

Procedures are performed under local anesthesia. Afterwards, by applying a tooth-colored temporary coating, hot and cold sensitivity is prevented. Very few people experience a slight tingle. In general, the process is completed without a problem.

Is there any allergy risk of zirconium crown?

Zirconium crowns do not cause allergies. Some people in the community are allergic to metal. When these people want to have a tooth coating, they must have a zirconium crown. Otherwise, it may be faced with many tooth and gum ailments such as inflammation of the gums, receding gums, bleeding in the gums, gum swelling, rash, etc.

What are the advantages of zirconium application?

  • Lack of sensitivity to hot and cold
  • Does not cause allergies (fully compatible with the tissue.)
  • Colour is not dull or dull (not opaque)
  • Perfect gingival harmony
  • Hygienic (less microorganism retention on its surface)
  • Being fully compatible with body tissues and mouth tissues

What level is the zirconium crown hot – cold interaction?

Compared to other coatings, zirconium crown conducts less heat because of its low thermal conductivity. Thus, they are not affected by heat and cold in the mouth and do not cause sensitivity in the teeth.

Does the colour of zirconium crowns change over time?

It can be applied to any colour of teeth. A tooth with a very dark colour can be covered with a zirconium crown in the desired colour. The actual colour of the tooth does not affect the zirconium crown colour. Even after many years, the colour of the zirconium crown does not change.

How to care for teeth after application?

Zirconium crowns are brushed like normal toothbrushes. Superfloss (dental floss) is used for floss and toothless areas. When the physician visits are regularly visited every 6 months, any problems that may occur are predicted and measures are taken.

zirconium crown

How is zirconium compatible with gums?

Zirconium is a material compatible with dental tissue. The discoloration similar to bruising on the neck and gingiva seen in metal-supported prostheses is never seen and does not cause gum recession.

If the gums are receded due to improper brushing, it will not create an aesthetically bad appearance.

Does it cause a change in taste or odor in the mouth?

Since its content is not metal, it is not possible to make a taste change or cause odor.

How long can zirconium crown be used?

It can be used for many years when the controls are done regularly and oral care is given importance. It does not have a period of time that it can be used for that long. Teeth are living tissues and, over time, erosion and changes in the tooth structure are observed. Zirconium crowned teeth do not change.

Will zirconium crowns damage the teeth when it is desired to change?

Since zirconium crowns are cut out, no discomfort is felt. It does not cause tissue loss in teeth.

How long will zirconium crowns take to complete?

It is completed in 5-7 days in people with problem-free gums. It can be continued with a few rehearsals, depending on the taste of the person or until the satisfaction of the physician and the patient is seen. During your treatment, you will have 3 or 4 visits to our clinic.

Can zirconium crowns be applied to people with gum disease?

No. Primarily, gum disease is cured and zirconium crowns can be made after gum disease is treated.

What are the zirconium crown colours? Which colour zirconium crowns should I make?

If all of your visible teeth will not be coated with aesthetic teeth, that is, if some of your visible teeth will be coated, the harmony of the colour of the teeth to be made with your natural tooth colours is extremely important.

zirconium color schema
Zirconium cwons colours

In case of aesthetic coating of all visible teeth, it is not necessary to match the natural tooth colour, so the patient’s aesthetic expectations are very important. In such cases, one may demand more assertive colours closer to white than the colours in the natural scala. For this reason, bleach colours that we call “special white” are produced.

The important thing is that you can determine the colour that suits you and suits your aesthetic expectations. However, a colour you like may not look good in your mouth afterwards. Therefore, we recommend that you think about this before choosing the colour.

How Much Are Zirconium Crown Prices?

Prices of zirconium crown according to European countries and Turkey are cheaper than in the UK 60%. However, you should know that although the prices vary from case to case, the clearest figures can be specified after the first examination. One piece price of zirconium crown is 180€ in our clinics.

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