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When you enter the research for implant treatment, you come across a lot of domestic and foreign implant brand options. Which is the best implant brand? Which implant brand should I choose? Which brand is the best quality implant? We often come across many such questions.

There are many different implant options produced around the world. Basically, all implants are similar to each other and produced for treatment purposes. Almost all of the implants are screw-shaped and produced from titanium.

For an effective and long-lasting implant treatment, the experience of the treating physician and the quality of all materials used are important. The fact that the maxillofacial surgeon is an expert and experienced in the field ensures that the success of the implant continues for many years. In addition, your dentist will choose the right materials while determining the right treatment for you with his knowledge and experience.

The materials used in implants must be biocompatible. Therefore, the body does not react to a new substance. Implants are produced from titanium due to its biological compatibility and durability.

In order for the applied implants to perform the chewing functions correctly, the force distribution must also be in balance. For this reason, it is very important for implant designs to have threads like a screw, to equalize the resistance applied to the bone.

The extent of attachment of the implants placed in the jawbone to the bone directly affects the success of the implant treatment. The roughness of the surface design of the implants increases the contact with the bone and facilitates attachment. The “osseointegration period”, which we call the healing period of the implants, is the period of integration of the implant surface with the bone tissue. The process and the success of the implant in this period are definitely affected by the surface of the selected implant and the material from which the implant is produced.

In order to distinguish the healthy implant among the implant options, certain standards must be present. The implant brands to be preferred must have FDA and CE certificates, and must be approved by the Ministry of Health.

Leave the Implant Brand Choice to Your Doctor

First of all, we recommend that you leave the choice of dental implant brand to your doctor. Because when choosing an implant, not only the brand but also your age, bone level and bone quality should be evaluated together. However, an important point is that; You should know which implant brand applied to you and request your certificate. You may need this brand name for life.

What Are The Most Recognized Implant Brands?

Dental implants offer many changes and innovations every day. Therefore, a brand that is unknown today may become a well-known brand after a few years. However, we can list the most known implant brands as follows;

  • Nobel Biocare
  • Straumann
  • Osstem
  • Hiossen
  • Astra Tech
  • Ankylos
  • Tekka
  • Camlog

In line with all the information, “Which implant should I choose?” The most correct answer to the question is that its success should be proven for a long time. For implant brands that have proven successful for a long time, this period should not be earlier than 10 years. Most of the most sold implant systems in the world implant market have been applied to patients for at least 25 years.

The results of case studies during and after the application of implant systems with an average history of 25 years will help us to find a realistic answer about the quality of an implant system. These case studies are included in many respected scientific publications around the world.

As it can be understood, for the long-term success of an implant, long-term past applications and case-sharing must be found. The main reason for the price difference between implant systems is due to the support given to the R&D studies and case studies.

There are hundreds of companies that work on implants. These are among the most reliable implant companies of our country and the whole world.

Is Expensive Implant Good Implant?

Is the best implant expensive? Can good implant price be cheap? We get questions like. We do not want to separate implant brands as domestic and foreign brands. The implant brand can be in English as a name. Local implants sometimes put fantastic names like foreign implants on their products.

We say; Implant brand is not of primary importance. If the implant application is not done correctly, it is not possible to achieve success even if the best dental implant is made.

Here, it is necessary to choose the right implant for you after the radiological examination and the interviews made in the seat examination. For this reason, very good results can be obtained from other implant brands with a good planning and experienced application.

Is Implants Difficult to Make? How Is Implant Made?

Implant teeth can be made easily by physicians with sufficient experience. In addition, it is possible to decide whether implant application is required or not, only by the dentist. If implant is required due to the general condition of dental health; Possible steps are as follows:

  • The area to be implanted is determined.
  • The space required for the implant screw to be placed is provided; necessary drilling operations are applied.
  • The depth and diameter of the opened slot is checked.
  • If necessary, the neck part of the implant, that is, the middle part, can be expanded.
  • The closing cap is attached to the implant screw placed in the socket.

The protective cap remains on the implant for approximately 8-10 weeks. During this period, known as the healing process, the position of the implant is fixed. Then the said head is removed and the implant becomes ready for the use of prosthetic teeth.

Is There Any Pain After Implant?

No pain is felt in implant applications. However, slight tingling may occur at varying rates depending on the situation. It is recommended to consume soft foods as much as possible during the 2-3 months period during which the protective cap will remain on the implant. There is no problem in terms of basic reflexes such as laughing and speaking. Although the implant does not cause much pain, it requires careful handling and not forcing the teeth during the healing process.

How Much Are Implant Prices?

The prices of the implants vary according to their brands. In our clinics, we do not apply domestic implants because we serve our patients abroad. The reason for this is that your doctor should know, recognize and have the appropriate key name when any procedure is required in your own country. Implant prices range from 300 € in our clinic to 1000 € depending on the brand.

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