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Diabetes or the problems that arise due to diabetes create a serious social burden. The main purpose of diabetes is to treat the disease with non-surgical methods, not surgical methods. In addition, preventive treatment methods that will ensure that the disease does not occur at all are very popular.

In spite of all these, it is obligatory to apply surgical intervention to patients who have diabetes and who cannot get rid of diabetes by non-surgical methods.

Diabetes surgery prices vary according to the type of surgery. Ileal interposition surgeries are more expensive than transit bipartition surgeries.

The main reason for this is that ileal interposition surgeries take longer than transit bipartition surgeries. Since diabetes surgery has been performed for many years, the number of specialist metabolic surgeons is quite high. Transit bipartition has been implemented for 10 years and is gaining new popularity.

Apart from the type of surgery, there are dozens of different factors in determining the prices of surgery. Hospital conditions, date of surgery, intensity, condition of the patient, risks of the intervention are among the main factors. Since the prices may vary from patient to patient, it is not possible to say a clear price. After a detailed examination, prices are determined and declared to the patient.

The price of Type 2 Diabetes surgery applied to our patients in our hospital is 3450€

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Is Type 2 Diabetes Surgery Difficult?

The information that allows diabetes surgeries to be performed is the complete resolution of small intestine functions. The entire intestinal system, stomach, and esophagus continue to exist as a whole. It is imperative that the interventions to be made in these areas are planned in as fine details as possible.

Underlying diabetes surgery is the rearrangement of the digestive system. This purpose can also bring along many hormone problems. The difficulty of Type 2 diabetes surgeries is not caused by the surgical intervention, but by the hormone balance and the post-operative process.

Diabetes has different effects on each patient. Feet, hands, eyes or other tissues can be damaged. In addition, hormone balance is impaired, mobility decreases and eating habits are also negative.

The process of analyzing all of these, checking the suitability of the patient for diabetes surgery and taking it into operation is difficult. Patients who are not treated with the appropriate method cannot get rid of diabetes; it can even be negatively affected.

After verifying the patients’ suitability for the operation and method with various tests, the operation phase is quite simple. Operations applied with the closed method provide the comfort of both the doctor and the patient.

Since the patient is operated under general anesthesia, he does not feel pain or ache. In addition, the fact that measures are taken according to the risks that may occur during or after the operation also facilitates the process. In the most general sense, diabetes surgeries are quite simple if the appropriate patient is combined with the appropriate method and the process is controlled by a specialist surgeon.

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