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Information About Stomach Reduction

Although the number of fields containing information about stomach reduction surgery is increasing on the internet, collecting information on the subject is getting more complicated. You can predict the consequences of attempting a job before it’s fully understood.

It may be a bit difficult to change the opinion of people who do not know the surgery and who have been misinformed by hearing news about this surgery. Especially, there are those who are not obese but are directing obese people around them with this missing information.

For this reason, we would like to give information about stomach reduction, to explain some of the wrong or unknown points about this surgery, and to help if those who are too confused or think to give up.

Information and Tips About Stomach Reduction

Stomach reduction is the reduction of the stomach of people who have gained weight due to wrong eating habits by cutting them with laparoscopic surgery using special tools. In this way, the stomach volume is reduced and weight loss occurs by providing satiety with a low amount of nutrition.

Since sufficient energy cannot be provided from the nutrients taken into the body with a low amount of nutrition, the necessary energy is obtained by burning the stored fat. Thus, the rate of fat in the body drops rapidly. Accordingly, your blood sugar, cholesterol and blood pressure, which are high while you are obese, regress to the normal levels. Your living comfort gradually increases.

If you have accepted obesity as a disease and you want to get rid of this disease, you may consider surgery after you have enough information about stomach reduction. Many patients are much more confused when researching about stomach reduction. For this reason, following the doctors recommended for this surgery on the internet and reading the comments of the patients who have undergone surgery will help you get more healthy information.

The important thing is to have this surgery safely and then to continue your life in a much healthier way. At this point, it is very important to trust the physician who will perform your surgery.

Stomach Reduction Surgery

If you do not know enough about stomach reduction, it is normal to be afraid of this surgery. However, any surgery performed by a competent surgeon is unlikely to fail. Remember that you may not have enough information, but the doctor who will perform your surgery must have a high level of knowledge and experience about stomach reduction surgery.

Stomach reduction is the most preferred method of slimming in recent years. Many people who have tried slimming methods such as diet, sports, various herbal or medical drugs, benefited in the short term, but have gained excess weight afterwards, can reach their ideal weight permanently with stomach reduction surgery.

Stomach reduction can be considered as the most accurate solution for weight loss. Because the stomach volume decreases considerably after the surgery and no matter how much it is desired, high amounts of food cannot be consumed. In this way, weight can be lost in a short time and quickly.

Of course, it is possible to lose weight by dieting. Sensitivities such as frequent nutrition with small amounts of protein and plenty of fluids may be the first steps to be taken to lose weight.

Stomach Reduction Antalya
Stomach Reduction Surgery

However, making this a lifestyle, that is, dieting for life, especially for people who put eating at the center of their life and are happy by eating, is so difficult that it can be called impossible. At this point, stomach reduction emerges as a savior method for slimming.

Slimming with stomach reduction

Of course, deciding to have surgery is not easy. As a result, there are some risks in this surgery as in any surgery. Therefore, choosing a doctor and center experienced in stomach reduction surgery in order to make the wrong choice for the sake of weight loss and avoid bad results is the most basic issue that people who decide to have this surgery should pay attention to.

Weight loss is a problem that has become a vicious circle for people who are obese and can no longer cope with the troubles of this situation. After trying all kinds of slimming methods, perhaps as a last resort, it has begun to be accepted by the society that stomach reduction is the best method that can get definite results for slimming.

Who knows, maybe it will be the first preferred method among stomach reduction slimming methods in the very near future.

Stomach Reduction Surgery Which Department Is Performed By Which Branch?

Stomach reduction surgery is the primary and frequently preferred method of obesity surgery. Stomach reduction surgery is an elite operation performed by laparoscopic method, which is called laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy in medical language. Stomach reduction surgery is also called tube stomach surgery in general use.

Obesity surgery is the general name of weight loss surgeries and all these surgical methods are performed by General Surgery Specialists.

Although the General Surgery Specialist diploma seems to be sufficient to perform sleeve gastrectomy, unfortunately, this application is wrong in practice.

We can explain this situation as follows. General surgery specialty is a challenging process that takes five years. In this process, not every surgery can be performed in every medical school. Obesity surgery cannot be performed in every hospital just like in organ transplantation.

For example, a doctor who is a specialist from a center where obesity surgery is not performed during the general surgery residency period, attends three to four-day courses and attempts to perform obesity surgery and unfortunately, many sad results are encountered as a result.

For this reason, patients should carefully question and investigate whether the surgeon who will perform the operation has actually received this training while making the decision of surgery.

2-3-day courses are organized abroad, especially in the United States, and there is absolutely no medical practice on the patient in these trainings. However, unfortunately, patients attach great importance to their education abroad. However, although there are not many in our country, serious training is provided in some medical faculties for obesity surgery.

In conclusion, obesity surgery is a very low-risk general surgery operation if it is performed in experienced hands and in reliable centers, but careful research should be done before surgery. The exact answer to this question is that these surgeries are performed by experienced obesity surgeons who have been trained for many years.

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