Obesity Surgery Journey

One of the most curious issues of our patients who are considering coming from abroad for stomach reduction operations is about the processes after getting off the plane. With this article, we will tell you step by step obesity surgery journey.

Step 1 – Contacting our patient representative, getting information

If you have various questions about stomach reduction surgeries in your mind, you can easily reach our patient representative at any time by calling +905443480787.

Your patient representative will contact you without delay, determine your body mass index, get your basic health information and determine the most appropriate method for you by providing various information about treatments.

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If you wish, you will find the opportunity to resolve all the question marks in your mind by making online / face-to-face phone calls with our doctors.

Then, your personal health information will be examined in detail by our doctors and your suitability for the operation will be checked.

After the medical approval of our doctors, the only thing requested from you is to determine an appropriate date of surgery.

Step 2 – Airport welcome and hospitalization procedures

Step 2

You landed in Antalya after the flight. Fantastic! When you get off your plane, our driver will meet you and bring you to the hospital with our VIP transfer vehicle.

After arriving at our hospital, which is about 15 minutes away from the airport, we will perform various procedures related to your hospitalization and surgery together.

Obtaining the necessary documents related to your operation and signing them will be one of the first things we will do when you come to the hospital.

Step 3 – Tests and meeting with your doctor

After performing your hospitalization procedures, we will complete your various examinations related to the stomach reduction operation in this step.

Meet doctor
Step 3 – Meet doctor

During this step-by-step process, we will apply the following examinations to review your compatibility:

  • COVID-19 Test
  • Lung X-ray
  • Pulmonary function test
  • Heart radiography
  • Blood analysis
  • Ultrasound
  • Body mass index measurement

After these examinations, you will have a meeting with Psychiatrist, Internal Medicine and Anesthesiologists. Thus, we will have the opportunity to review your physical and mental state in the process leading to the operation. After all these procedures, you will meet with our general surgery who will perform your stomach reduction surgery.

Our doctor will give you various information about your operation while examining the results of your examinations. In this way, all the questions in your mind will be answered and you will meet your doctor face to face.

Step 4 – Endoscopy and surgery

Step 4 – Surgery

And here is the expected moment! After your controls are completed and you have consulted with your doctor, you are now ready for the stomach reduction operation. In this step, which will constitute the turning point of your life, you will undergo the operation that suits you.

During the operation you will be put to sleep and you will not feel anything.


Gastric sleeve surgery for 1 hour,

Diabetes surgery 2 hours,

Gastric balloon processes take approximately 30 minutes.

After the stomach reduction operation, you will have to stay in the hospital for a certain period of time in order to measure your body’s response to the operation and to closely monitor your health.

3-4 days in tube stomach and diabetes surgery,

In gastric balloon operations, it will be sufficient to stay in the hospital for 2-3 hours.

Step 5 – Hospital discharge

Hospital Discharge
Step 5 – Hospital Discharge

Your surgery was successfully performed and you were kept at the hospital for a certain period of time depending on your surgery. Very good! Now you are ready to be discharged from the hospital and stay at our partner hotel. But before you go, your doctor and dietician will carry out your checks and share with you various information about your new postoperative period.

In this step;

Your liquid nutrition process will be explained to you by your bariatric dietitian.

You will be given the medications you need to use after the surgery and how you will use these medications will be explained by your bariatric dietician.

Your doctor will do your last checks before you leave the hospital.

After your doctor and dietician have completed the above-mentioned procedures, if there is no problem with your health, you will set out with our VIP transfer vehicle to stay in our contracted hotel.

Step 6 – Accommodation at the partner hotel

Antalya Partner Hotel
Step 6 – Antalya Accommodation

After your controls at the hospital, you were discharged and came to our hotel with our VIP transfer vehicle.

In our seaside hotel, in the beauty of nature and the sea,

24 hours uninterrupted room and internet service

Our hotel, which has a contract with such features, will offer you a comfortable stay after your operation.

In addition, as the hotel is only a few minutes away from the hospital, we will be able to control our patients remotely and communicate with you quickly in case of an emergency.

According to your operation, in our contracted hotel;

3 days after tube stomach and diabetes surgery,

After Gastric Balloon and Stomach Botox Operations, you will have the opportunity to stay for 1 day.

Step 7 – Final checks and return home

Return Home
Step 7 – Return Home

And here we come to the last step! In this step, where you will now count the hours for returning home, you will be taken from our contracted hotel with our VIP transfer vehicle and brought to the hospital for your final checks.

Your doctor and dietitian will examine you for the last time before you return home to see if everything is okay.

Our doctor;

He will do your general health checks and

The surgery will check your stitches.

If your dietitian:

It will measure your body mass index and

He will share the diet program you should follow in your next life in detail.

You are ready for a new start for your life. Did you say to those in the house “the transformation will be great!”

If you want to take these steps with us, we are as close as a phone call!