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Smile Makeover in Turkey

Are you not satisfied with the colour, size or shape of your teeth? Can’t you be ashamed of this situation and smile sincerely? However, it is possible to achieve your dream smile with a few small interventions!

How is smile design done? Which studies are used?

Smile design; It is the solution of the problems that arise as a result of evaluating the relationships of aesthetic criteria such as teeth, gums, lips separately and with each other by some aesthetic analysis and giving the person a more beautiful aesthetic smile.

emax veneers and smile design

First of all, photographs of the person are taken for smile design. Aesthetic problems are detected through these photographs taken in digital environment. Smile aesthetics are evaluated in two ways: white aesthetics (related to teeth) and pink aesthetics (related to gums).

First of all, it is evaluated whether there are any problems with pink aesthetics or what changes will be made. For this, the patient’s gingiva levels can be changed, and sagging gums are corrected with laser. Then, white aesthetics are evaluated.

The condition of the teeth, gums and bones, the colour and deformities of the teeth are decided by which materials will be eliminated. In the digital environment, the ideal size, colour and shape of the teeth are decided by complying with the golden ratio.

After all analyses are completed, a modelling study is performed by taking measurements from the patient. Thus, patients have the opportunity to see the smile design without any procedure in the mouth yet. After this application called “mock up“, laboratory studies are started.

Which materials are used for teeth in smile design?

The most preferred materials are glass ceramics. With porcelain laminates, very aesthetic results are obtained with minimal loss of material from the teeth, and sometimes even with no cut method called “prepress”.

Apart from porcelain laminates, zirconium, Emax crowns and composite laminates are among the other materials used.

What problems does smile design eliminate?

When chatting with someone, we first pay attention to their teeth. Therefore, a person who has problems with his teeth, gums and smile behaves more timidly and unhappy in his social relations with his environment.

The smile design increases the self-confidence of the person, so he feels happier when he looks in the mirror and is more liked by the people around him. Sometimes, crowding in the teeth, deformities or closing problems can even lead to joint problems in people. After the smile design, the closing of the teeth is brought to the ideal position, so such problems are avoided.

How long is the treatment process?

The treatment process varies according to the procedures to be performed. 6-7 days of treatment is sufficient only for the changes related to the teeth of the person. But gums, lips, etc. If soft tissue changes are required, the process may take a little longer.

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