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Smile Design Treatment Planning

A person’s smile is an essential part of non-verbal communication. With smiling, people make friends, find the love of their lives and even move up the career ladder. A healthy and beautiful smile will also affect the appearance and give a sense of self-confidence. But what about those who, for one reason or another, do not have a Hollywood smile? Modern smile design technologies and our experienced dentists will come to rescue.

What is smile design?

Each smile is private. Therefore, it is very important that it matches the proportions and shape of the face, personality and age of the patient. Smile Design is a modern technology in aesthetic dentistry that allows each patient, together with the dentist, to create the perfect solution for his/her smile.

The smile design allows our dentists to plan the restoration of the anterior teeth using an individual approach to each patient. It is very important that the technology allows the patient to directly participate in the process of creating their future smile.

Why do I need a smile design?

The smile design allows you to solve a number of problems related to the aesthetics and functionality of the teeth. Here is some of them:


  • Loss of anterior teeth;
  • Uneven or deformed teeth;
  • Atrophy of bone tissue and a change in the shape of the face;
  • Chips and cracks in the teeth;
  • Lack of gloss and unaesthetic color of enamel; etc.
  • In addition, the smile design enables the patient to communicate uninhibitedly and lead a familiar lifestyle, feeling self-confidence.
  • Hollywood smile makes you visually younger. This effect is achieved by changing the smile line, the height of the bite, the shape and color of the teeth.

How can I get a Hollywood smile?

smile design in turkeyOur dental clinic serves to not only local, but also foreign patients. Even being far from our clinic, you can already begin the process of obtaining a Hollywood smile with our help.

The first thing you need to do is to contact us by phone or by filling out a special form on the site. To design a smile, we need photos of your teeth that clearly show their structure and condition. In addition, in some cases, x-rays may be required. You can get it done at London CT Center.

After receiving and analyzing your dental photos, we will be ready to host you in our Dental Clinic Turkey. We provide airport shuttle services and accommodation for foreign patients.

Smile design stages

Like any process, the design of a smile involves several steps. The whole treatment process takes 5-7 days.

Stage 1: Diagnosis
Our dentist conducts a primary check-up and consultation, identifies the presence of problems and draws up a treatment plan.

At this stage, the dentist takes into consideration the wishes of the patient, discusses the appearance of a future smile. Next, we analyze the bite features, teeth shape, lip position and other parameters. Then we offer the patient the best option for a future smile in terms of aesthetics and functionality.

Stage 2: Preparing and Performing Permanent Model
All the data obtained in the previous steps are taken into account when making a model of your future Hollywood smile. This is the final stage of the smile design, during which the dentist fixes a new permanent model of teeth in the oral cavity.

It is worth noting that the smile design procedure is right for all patients over 20 years of age and has no special contraindications. The procedure is quick and convenient and does not require additional manipulations. The exception is the presence in the patient of gum disease, caries or tartar. In this case, before applying a new model of teeth, our dentists will conduct the necessary treatment.

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