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Privacy & Policy

Privacy and PolicyAntalya Health® does not disclose personal data (your name, e-mail address, work and home address, telephone number, etc.) provided by its visitors on the site voluntarily through forms, except for legal obligations (for example, if requested by a court order), does not sell to third persons,  does not rent and / or use it in any way.

Antalya Health®; will use this information for the following and similar purposes to the extent required and permitted by legal regulations:

To send you printed publications / correspondence,

To send you press releases or notifications by electronic mail,

Only authorized Antalya Health® can access personal information. Antalya Health® uses statistical information (browser type, geographical location, age, gender, etc.) to improve the website and to have more information about its patients in general, and to determine the consumer profile, without disclosing personal identities. This information is not declared to third persons.

Antalya Health® does not guarantee that the other sites you visit will comply with Antalya Health’s® Privacy Principles through the links on its sites, and therefore we recommend that you evaluate the privacy approaches of the sites you visit before providing any personally identifiable information.

Website Terms of Use

The copyright and other intellectual and industrial property rights published on the website belong to Antalya Health; All rights of all written, illustrated, visual and electronic materials are reserved.

Including these materials on the website cannot be interpreted as giving any authority, license or permission for their use. These materials cannot be copied, reproduced or used in any way without the written consent of Antalya Health®. The legal liability that may arise as a result of any use that violates the intellectual and industrial property rights regarding the materials on this site belongs to the violating user.

Unless explicitly stated otherwise, any kind of content and information located on the Web Site is intended for users resident in Turkey and abroad users who visit our site.

Any content on the Website (briefly “INFORMATION”) is for promotional and informational purposes only. When the user intends to make a transaction with reference to the information, he accepts that he is obliged to obtain the final and reliable information from Antalya Health.

No guarantee or commitment is made for the accuracy or currency of the information published on the website. The user accepts that Antalya Health® has no responsibility in terms of the transactions to be made based on this information.

Antalya Health®, for any special, punitive, incidental, indirect or consequential damages of any kind that arise in connection with the use of the website, that is not caused by its own fault, or without being limited to; is not liable for any damages, including those arising from loss of use, data or profits.

Antalya Health® reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to change or terminate the content of the site, any service provided to users, and to delete user information and data stored on the Antalya Health® Website from its systems. Although every precaution has been taken to ensure that the Web Site is error-free, no guarantee is given for existing or potential errors on the site.

The information you provide by filling in various lists and forms available on the Antalya Health® site will be used only for the service request and will not be provided to third parties and organizations in any way other than this purpose.

The fact that the various lists and forms available on the Antalya Health® site are filled in, does not give the user any right or give the user the opportunity to make a claim on any application. In the event that incomplete, incorrect or invalid information is entered into these Forms, the responsibility belongs to the user, and no claims can be made regarding the facilities to be provided at Antalya Health’s® sole discretion.

Although measures have been taken to ensure that the Website is free from viruses, trojan viruses and similar software, the user is obliged to provide his own virus protection system and provide the necessary protection in order to ensure the ultimate security. In this context, the user accepts that he / she is responsible for all errors and their direct or indirect consequences that may occur in his / her software and operating systems due to entering the website.

In the event that a criminal complaint or official investigation request is received from the official authorities against the user and / or it is detected that the User has committed any electronic sabotage or attack that will prevent the operation of Antalya Health® systems or change the operation, Antalya Health® investigate the identity information of the User and has the right to notify legal authorities.

In disputes that may arise between users and Antalya Health, Antalya Health’s electronic records will be accepted as evidence. The resolution of such disputes, Antalya Courts and executive offices will be authorized by the Republic of Turkey and the conflict will be solved legislation.

Antalya Health® Web Site has the right to change, renew or cancel any article of the Terms of Use without notice. Any provision that has been changed, renewed or abolished will be effective for all Users at the time of publication.

By entering the Antalya Health® Web Site, the user has accepted the above conditions.