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If you are not happy with your smile, if you want to have healthy and sparkling teeth, it is time to meet with aesthetic dentistry treatments.

Problems in your teeth affect your social life as well as your health, and non-aesthetic teeth cause you to lose your self-confidence. Do not worry, you can reach the healthy smile you dream of with aesthetic dentistry applications planned by considering your personal needs!

Come to Dental Clinic Turkey to gain a beautiful smile and colour your life with your confident, striking and noticeable smile.

Teeth; It may lose its colour due to smoking, tea, coffee use, aging, root canal treatment, antibiotics taken in the developmental period, various systemic diseases and improper care.

Are Yellowed Teeth Preventing Your Smile?

Smile Design

Can’t laugh freely because of your aesthetic concerns? The best solution for your problem is Smile Design!

In the smile design application, the most appropriate smile is designed by evaluating the person’s facial features, lip thickness, gender and skin colour. You get an attractive and intellectual look with your smile created with your social and business life in mind.

With your smile designed specifically for you, regain your self-confidence, and be someone who is interesting and noticed in your business and social life. What is Smile Design?

Porcelain Crowns

The wear and colour changes in the teeth with age cause both health and aesthetic problems!

Preferred because they are brighter and more attractive than other coatings, full porcelain coatings give a completely different appearance to teeth with wear and discoloration problems. It also prevents possible problems by protecting gum health.

If you are not satisfied with the shape, appearance and durability of your teeth, you should meet our full porcelain application immediately! What is Porcelain Crowns?

Zirconium Crown

Thanks to the zirconium coatings that give the teeth their old appearance, worn and discolored teeth are no longer a problem!

Zirconium-based porcelains increase the quality of life of the person by being more durable than normal metal, creating a natural and aesthetic appearance in the patient’s mouth, and giving the person an ideal smile.

If you want to have a natural and remarkable look on your teeth and smile safely, the zirconium veneer application is for you! What is Zirconium Crown?

Emax Porcelain Veneer

If you want naturalness and aesthetics together, do yourself a favor with porcelain cups that will make a difference with your smile!

Emax Veneers, which are generally applied to the front teeth, prepared in different colours and forms and adhered to the tooth surfaces, are quite durable despite their fine structure and provide a completely real appearance thanks to their light transmittance.

If you want to capture the image of your dreams and regain your self-confidence without disturbing the natural structure of your teeth, Dental Clinic Turkey is with you! What is Emax Veneer?

Aesthetic Filling

If you think that your teeth have lost their healthy appearance and function, aesthetic fillings will be your savior!

Aesthetic filling; It is the application of adhering the natural color of the teeth to the teeth with a special light technique for problems caused by the deficiencies, damage and caries in the teeth. They are the most preferred fillings because they are flexible and formable, and they are completed in a single session.

Benefit from the comfort of Dental Clinic Turkey filling technology to restore your teeth to their former health and to end your aesthetic concerns! What is Aesthetic Filling?

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening applications for those who are not satisfied with the colour of their teeth and dream of a brilliant smile!

Teeth whitening treatment used to whiten teeth that have changed colour for various reasons and to achieve a personalized colour tone; It can be applied according to your needs with different techniques such as home type, office type, single tooth whitening and combined whitening.

Dental Clinic Turkey is the best solution for a noticeable and memorable smile! What is Teeth Whitening?

White Teeth

How Should Your Dentist Manage Your Treatment Process?

Choosing a dentist is not as easy as we think. Although dentist prices are the most effective factor when choosing a dentist today, most of us actually do it wrong. We should care about the correct diagnosis and treatment practice of our dentist, not the treatment fees, the necessary care for our controls, and providing modern and effective solutions.

As Dental Clinic Turkey, we serve in our clinic with premium care services, advanced technology treatment equipment, up-to-date treatment methods and specialist dentists.

Being aware of the importance of the right dentist in treatment, we choose our team from the names of experts and experienced in the field, who constantly improve themselves, follow and apply innovations, and have strong patient communication.

Choose Your Dentist Correctly To Increase Your Living Standards!

Dental health problems appear as a problem that affects your entire life. It interrupts your daily activities, from eating to talking. For this reason, you should regain your health as soon as possible with dentist treatments and practices.

If the dentist is an expert and competent in his field, he will provide you with a quality service from the first appointment to the end of the treatment. You can be satisfied with the service you will receive thanks to the dentist who has developed himself in the field of training, has received his expertise, follows and applies technology in his field, and has a healthy patient approach and communication.

You can visit us to meet the privileges of Dental Clinic Turkey, to ask our dentist team what you have in mind, to examine our clinic and treatment departments, and to see patient satisfaction closely.

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