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Regardless of the method used, the digestive system is rearranged after type 2 diabetes surgery. Hormone balance is also the target of this regulation. In addition, reducing the stomach volume is also supportive of the process.

All these changes cause great changes in the life of the patient. Serious changes begin within six months after the operation in patients who successfully survive all processes. Feeling hungry too late, maintaining the feeling of satiety for a long time, not consuming too much food in volume are the factors that provide these changes.

Patients are busy with the effects of the surgery for the first three months. During this period, physical recovery takes place. At the same time, the period in which a new nutritional habit is gained to a large extent is the first three months. The person can lose seven to eight kilos per month. By the end of the first year, he loses approximately sixty to eighty percent of his excess weight. Patients who lose this much in weight become more successful in social life.

Those who have Type 2 diabetes surgery get rid of their illness to a great extent at the end of the first year.

With their recovery from their illnesses, there is a serious increase in their mobility.

Since eating habits change, psychological relief is provided. The person stops constantly thinking about what, how and how much to eat. After leaving this stressful process, he relaxes mentally.

Tissue damage due to diabetes begins to heal. Improvements are seen in both physical appearance and organ functions.

Patients who have suffered from various suffering due to diabetes, lived an uncomfortable life and were isolated from social life in the period leading up to Type 2 diabetes surgery, start to live their lives again with the realization of diabetes surgery.

It is possible to call life after diabetes surgery as the second spring. In the period after the first year, it is possible to lead a comfortable life without recurring diabetes by paying attention to various factors.

Post-operative life

Will Diabetes Become Again After Type 2 Diabetes Surgery?

There are two different types of surgery performed to treat diabetes and eliminate diabetes-related problems. Among these surgeries, ileal interposition surgeries have been performed for a longer time and naturally they contain longer-term data on their results.

Transit bipartition surgeries have been applied intensively since 2010. We have twelve years of data, including the experimental process.

During the surgical treatment of Type 2 diabetes, both stomach and intestines are intervened. These interventions are not tolerable or reversible by the digestive system. In other words, what is done after surgical intervention is permanent. Of course, there are rare cases where the bowel ends start to act like a stomach, but these are known as patients who do not pay attention to what needs attention.

If everything is done correctly after diabetes surgery, there is no possibility of diabetes recurrence. The available data show that blood glucose is controlled without medication in patients undergoing related surgeries.

In addition, tissue damage is greatly improved. Today, the definitive solution of diabetes is in surgical methods.

But; The application of these methods does not mean that the patient can live as he / she wants and consume as much sugar as he / she wants. If the things to be considered are neglected, the digestive system is in order to gain weight and bring sugar back. The reduced stomach volume changes and the intestinal entrance begins to act as a stomach.

Transit bipartition surgeries give successful results.

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