smile makeover

Gender: It is one of the important points in smile makeover. Male facial features are generally sharper and longer. Women are more round and oval.

Age: It must be past puberty to interfere with some jaw structures. In some cases, bigger problems can be avoided with early intervention attention is paid to whether it is.

Skin Color: Your choice of tooth color that is not suitable for your skin may prevent you from reaching the result you expect. Naturalness and harmony smile makeover is very important.

Face Shape: The roundness, sharpness of the face, lip thickness, mouth and jaw structure are among the determining factors in tooth selection.

Types of Smile makeover

Smile makeover is an application that has aesthetic concern and also has to provide the patient’s functional comfort. Therefore, what patients want and expectations are very important. There are certain features in this design. We can explain them as follows:

Sporty Smile: We can say that it is the most preferred in smile makeover application. In this application, the front teeth are one click longer than the lateral incisors. Thus, the face is given a more attractive visual.

Attractive Aesthetic Smile : We can say that it is the application that holds the first place. It is an application made with the front two teeth being longer than the other teeth. This image creates a cooler, more feminine look especially for women.

Sophisticated Smile: This application is created by making the front and side teeth all in the same size and in the same alignment. A more mature image is obtained.

The treatments included in the smile makeover

Bonding: It is a simple method used for fractures, caries, slight splits in teeth. A thin layer is taken from the damaged tooth and a substance called bolding is applied. The dentist creates an aesthetic appearance by shaping the tooth with great care. It can also be easily applied to small spaces between teeth.

Laminated Porcelain: It is a very thin layer applied on the tooth without damaging the natural tooth. It is applied in crooked teeth, broken teeth, blackened teeth after filling, and damaged tooth alignments due to jawbone.

Pink Aesthetics (Gum Aesthetics): Smile makeover is not just a work on teeth. The mouth as a whole should correspond to the golden ratio. Some gums can recede over time. In such cases, the teeth return to their natural appearance with the method applied to the gum.

In addition, if the gum, called gummy, is too visible, the pink aesthetic method is applied. With the help of laser, the gums are pushed to the required level. Pink aesthetics;

Regenerative: It is applied in dental damage caused by various diseases.

Gingivectomy: Used for gum growth. In addition, the excess gums are cut.

Gingivoplasty: It is applied to regulate the image level of the gums that are too disturbing.

Crown lengthening: Generally, the tooth crown becomes shorter as a result of the decays descending to the lower level. This disrupts the symmetry of the tooth structure.

Orthodontic Treatments:

Because of the narrowness or width of the jaw, the teeth take place in different ways than they should be in the mouth. If the jaw structure is narrow, the teeth are lined up with the teeth. If it is wider than necessary, gaps are formed and the sequence settles. In these disorders, it is aimed to return the teeth and jawbone to normal.

The most effective result in this regard is orthodontic treatment, and the procedure known as braces is applied to the teeth. When this treatment is not needed in smile makeover, it is not applied. The reason is that it requires a long term process.

Teeth Whitening (white aesthetic):

It is a method applied to patients with tooth structure color disorder. In this application, which does not cause any damage to the teeth, the stains on the tooth surface are removed by simple methods.

Dental Implant:

It is a method used in tooth loss due to various reasons. The metal in the form of a small screw obtained from the titanium material is placed in the jaw bone and fused. Then a substance that resembles the tooth structure is fixed on the gum. Finally, porcelain teeth are made and an aesthetic appearance is obtained.

Shaping Lip Contours:

Lips are as important as teeth for aesthetic smile. Thin and inverted lip structure will prevent the aesthetic appearance even if your teeth are perfect. Likewise, if the upper lip curve is not clear or does not create a symmetrical separation, the desired result cannot be obtained. The contouring process around the lips reveals a prominent and plump lip.

Zirconium Crown:

Generally, metal-colored coating applications do not create an aesthetic appearance. Therefore, the use of zirconium comes into play. This substance, which is the color of the tooth, is made to be applied to the tooth with various mixtures. Thus, it is not noticed that there is a coating on the tooth.

Root Canal Treatment:

This application is applied in dental problems that cannot be recovered. In case of inflammation and decay of the tooth root, the dental nerves in the root are removed. The channels opened are filled with the active substance. It is then covered.

Smile Makeover Treatment Process

During the first examination, a long meeting is held with the physician. All your face problems you are aware of or not are detected. The procedures to be applied, the wishes of the patient, the desired or unwanted operations are decided.

zirconium crown for hollywood smile
Smile makeover with zirconium crown

If orthodontic treatment is required during this period, the period can be extended up to 6 to 8 months.

In addition, the density of the physician and the supply of materials also affect the prolongation or shortening of time.

If the patient will only be treated for dental and gum problems, this period can be between 2 and 3 weeks.

After this process, the main application part is passed. This is done in two ways.

First, a photo of the patient’s tooth and its surroundings is taken. The photograph is transferred to digital media and taken for examination. The software program is used for this job.

Dental profiles with different structures are placed in the photo and their compatibility with the face is evaluated. The most suitable profile is selected and interpreted and kept as a sketch.

The second stage is done with the tooth model taken from the patient. This model is made from temporary materials. Before the procedure is performed, the patient is evaluated by attaching it to natural teeth.

Since these temporary teeth give clear results on the patient, correction, addition, various changes are made and the final shape is given. Thus, you will have the chance to see the result before the process starts.

Advantages of Smile Makeover Treatment

It is a treatment that includes a healthy mouth structure as well as aesthetic concern.

Tooth closure eliminates the problem.

Color defects and spots are removed.

Natural teeth are protected because they are covered with a special layer.

The spaces created by missing teeth are filled with veneers.

Broken teeth are repaired.

Gum disorders are eliminated.

Split tooth gaps are covered.

It provides an aesthetic appearance.

It offers healthy dental and oral care.

It eliminates the laughing phobia and provides a confident smile.

Natural looking teeth are obtained.

It makes you look younger and more attractive.

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