How is dental implant operation performed?

After applying the appropriate anesthetic method, the implant does not feel any pain or pain after the anesthesia of the area to be implanted has been established; you can get up from the chair with all of your dental implants applied on a single appointment. In most cases, little pain and pain disappear in the operation area the next day.

However, placement of the dental implant and prosthesis on the implant are completely separate processes. After the implants are placed in a single clinic, a period of 2-4 months is required before the prosthesis can be made on the implant. This is the duration of implant integration with bone. During this time, no patient is expecting a toothless tooth. They are given a temporary tooth as a gift prepared in our laboratory.
For this reason, implant treatments usually require two visits.

First Appointment

Operation Time: 1 – 3 hours
A small incision is made on the gum in the region where the implants are to be placed and the bone tissue is reached and a socket is opened for each implant as deep and wide as the implant can penetrate into the bone. The implant is placed in this socket and placed on the gum screw or positioned around the healing head and a small number of stitches are sutured and expected to heal.

In some cases, there may not be enough bone tissue in the area to be implanted. But do not worry; With bone graft application, new bone tissue can be formed in many cases.

After dental implant operations, at appropriate cases, you can use a temporary prosthesis during the healing process.

If you need to use a temporary prosthesis during the healing process after operation, you will have 1 or 2 appointments to apply this prosthesis.

Second Appointment

Treatment Time 5-7 Days

After placing the dental implant on the jawbone, it is necessary to wait for combination of the bone and the dental implant for 8 weeks to 6 months. During this time, the bone texture attaches to the surface of the special dental implant, allowing it to consolidate. Bone insertion to the jawbone and sinus lift operations can last up to 6 months depending on the procedure. However, at the end of this period, quite satisfactory results are obtained.

The healing process is very important. Generally, there is no problem because the implant is hidden in the gum. However, due to aesthetic reasons in some individuals, temporary crowns or prostheses may need to be made during the healing period.

People using movable temporary prosthesis need to be protected from overloading the dental implant over the healing period.

Once the healing process is complete, the dental implants and your mouth will be measured to make your porcelain teeth. For this, the dental implant size material will be placed in a special spoon, and a model will be prepared to make it on your teeth and dental implants. Porcelain teeth will be prepared and pasted on your dental implant within 5-7 days after the measure is taken.

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