Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 diabetes surgery is performed on patients who meet the appropriate conditions. During the completion of the eligibility conditions and preparation for the operation, the patient is kept under observation with dozens of different tests.

In addition, thanks to these tests, the appropriate method is determined. The content and mechanism of action of the surgery works as follows:

Type 2 Diabetes  surgeries are applied with closed technique regardless of the method. This ensures that the operation is more comfortable and the healing process is more comfortable and shorter.

  • In both methods, primarily stomach intervention is performed. Most of the stomach is cut with special surgical tools. There are also structures that secrete hormones that increase the feeling of hunger on the cut stomach structure.
  • After removing most of the stomach, the remaining part is turned into a tube.
  • In order to eliminate leaks in the stomach, the remaining area after cutting is closed with staples.
  • In the second stage of the operation, there is an intervention to the intestines. In this section, there are applications that vary according to the method.
  • In transit bipartition surgery, the small intestine is divided into two, and food is passed through two different ways.
  • First of all, the small intestine is divided into two parts (usually the middle part) that can vary from person to person. The upper end of the lower small intestine is connected to the stomach as a second route.
  • The lower end of the dormant upper intestine is connected to the newly formed intestinal tract so that it is one hundred centimeters below.
  • In other words, the small intestine, which is the main part of the digestive system, is constructed in two different ways. The benefit of this construction is to accelerate digestion and change the hormone balance.
  •  In the other method, ileal interposition, the hormone balance is intervened in a different method.
  • After the intervention to the stomach is completed, a small piece of the lower part of the small intestine is cut completely. Likewise, a small piece at the upper end is cut completely. The piece cut from top to bottom; The part cut from the bottom is also transferred to the top. In addition, the connection of the duodenum with the stomach is completely cut off. The reconstructed small intestine is attached to the stomach.
  • After this application, insulin hormone is secreted much earlier and in a much greater amount.
  • After both operations, the stomach is closed with appropriate methods and the operation is completed.
  • Type 2 Diabetes  surgery is performed within these stages in its most general application. Since every diabetic is special, different steps can be found in the planning phase.

How the operation will be performed is determined only after a detailed examination.

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