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When talking to someone in our daily life, we first look at the teeth of the other person. Having clean and aesthetic teeth is very important to impress the other person. Hollywood Smile, in other words smile aesthetics, creates a more interesting, clean and healthy appearance in the mouths. Have harmonious and white teeth with this smile design that passes as the Hollywood Smile.

Hollywood smile is an aesthetic smile design that allows you to have the smile of Hollywood stars with its most general shape. In this smile design, a perfect harmony is aimed between lips, teeth and gums. For a more beautiful smile and hence a more impressive look, maybe all you need is this smile design.

Of course, the appearance of teeth and gums is of great importance in this smile design. Not only women but also men can benefit from this smile design. We will also touch on issues such as how long the smile design is completed, the prices and what transactions it covers. But first let’s clarify how it is done.

Let Everyone Admire Yourself with Hollywood Smile

So what is the Hollywood Smile? This smile design specially designed for you allows you to achieve a brand new look by combining health and aesthetics. With Hollywood Smile, people who will have dental aesthetics first look at their gender, then facial features, age, order and colour of the teeth, the structure of the lips and gums.

Looking at the face shape of the people who will make a Hollywood smile gives information about the form of teeth to be chosen. Thus, the person who will have a smile aesthetics will have the perfect appearance.

Hollywood smile has three custom made shapes. With an attractive smile, it is aimed to give a younger appearance by restoring the old structure of the front teeth that wear out and shorten over time. The purpose of the intellectual smile is to give the person a mature look. In this dental aesthetic process, the lengths of the teeth are equalized. With the sporty smile design, the middle teeth are slightly extended from the side incisors, thus giving the person a sincere and warm expression.

Hollywood Smile Turkey
Hollywood Smile in Turkey

How to Make a Hollywood Smile

Having white teeth is not always sufficient. The appearance of crowded and variable teeth also creates problems from time to time. With this aesthetic smile design that combines dentistry and art, the shape and symmetry of the teeth are eliminated, and decayed, worn and discolored teeth are treated.

What are Hollywood Smile Operations?

One of the most frequently wondered factors for those who want to have this smile is which procedures will be applied. First of all, let’s point out that the procedures to be applied to give the patient a Hollywood smile may vary. Additional procedures may be required in line with the needs of the patient. However, the generally applied procedures are as follows:

Porcelain Veneer

Within the scope of porcelain veneer application, tooth surfaces may need to be abraded very slightly. Then, a leaf porcelain coating is applied to the front parts of the teeth, and thus a whiter, smoother and brighter tooth appearance can be obtained. This process is especially preferred for crooked, spaced, small or very yellow teeth.

At the same time, it can provide a more aesthetic appearance in cases such as cracks and fractures in the teeth. It should also be noted that it is a procedure that is performed with only a very small intervention to the dental tissue. Therefore, it is possible to preserve the tooth structure and the porcelain veneer application shows an extremely natural appearance thanks to its light transmittance. The fact that they do not change colour is one of the most important features of this application.

Teeth Whitening

Of course, white teeth are indispensable for a Hollywood smile. For this reason, the most suitable tooth whitening method can be preferred for the tooth structure of the person and thus the teeth can be given a whiter appearance. Teeth whitening is not necessarily required for every patient. If the whiteness present in the teeth is sufficient, this procedure does not need to be done.

Implant Treatment

Implant procedure does not need to be done to every patient. However, for this smile design to be perfect, missing teeth must be removed. In this case, implant therapy comes into play. It is of great importance to eliminate tooth losses in order to obtain an aesthetic and symmetrical tooth appearance.

In addition to all these, different treatments can be applied in cases such as tooth decay. After the examination, detailed information will be given to the patient about which procedures will be applied.

It’s Actually Easy to Get a Perfect Smile

For those who are uncomfortable or bored with the dental aesthetic appearance made with Hollywood Smile, it is much easier to renew and achieve a new look. Fine ceramics that will only be glued on the teeth provide both aesthetic teeth and protect the tooth surfaces from effects such as fracture, decay and wear.

Porcelain or composite laminate is used during the Hollywood Smile making process. Aesthetic tooth appearance is gained with smile design. For those who decide on the laminate type, the following steps are followed:

  • First of all, a model for teeth is created by revealing the tooth and jaw structure.
  • The ideal tooth form is created through computer.
  • Dental prototypes are created in line with the data received.
  • Prototypes are attached to the person’s teeth and how the teeth stand is checked. The person who is satisfied with these prototypes is filled with real teeth in 7-10 days.

After having these procedures done, you will have a smile as beautiful as Hollywood stars. It’s up to you to look like Hollywood Stars.

With the developing technology in recent years, it has been possible to achieve the appearance we want. This smile design first spread all over the world when Hollywood stars started to get it done. In Turkey, dozens of the famous Hollywood Smile are getting cosmetic dental procedure.

Get the Perfect Look and Make a Difference with Steps to Support Your Smile

Dentists offer some suggestions that will make your appearance perfect as well as the Hollywood smile that will give you charm. You can create your look freely with lip augmentation operations that will support your smile, trendy haircuts and skin care.

If you are uncomfortable with its appearance and want to recreate yourself, make an appointment with the nearest dentist and start the change with Hollywood smile aesthetic tooth design. Changing yourself will make you feel good and you will wake up to happier days.

Hollywood Smile Antalya
Hollywood Smile in Antalya

How Much Are The Hollywood Smile Prices?

One of the frequently wondered topics is Hollywood smile prices. However, as can be guessed, the same price is not valid for every patient for this smile design. The reason is that the procedures applied to patients to obtain an aesthetic and beautiful smile may differ.

For example, a patient who needs implant treatment and a patient who does not have an implant will have a different budget. It should also be noted that different factors such as the experience of the dentist and the materials used during the procedure also affect prices. For this reason, it would be much more correct to be examined first and then request price information.

What are the Advantages of Hollywood Smile?

In general, we can convey the advantages of Hollywood smile in a short list:

  • You have a much more aesthetic and beautiful smile
  • A symmetrical and white tooth appearance appears
  • A healthier appearance of teeth and gums is obtained
  • Treatment of existing tooth and gum diseases is also provided
  • A correct mouth closure is achieved
  • A half moon or moon shaped smile line is created.
  • This smile design supports the person to look younger and more energetic

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