How to get a Hollywood smile

When the first impression matters…

hollywood smile turkeyThere’s no denying that shiny white teeth are covetable. All movie stars and pop singers now have dazzlingly white teeth. They call it the Hollywood smile, and in America, people go to great lengths to acquire one. The thesis is that white teeth make you look younger and, therefore, more lovely.

Hollywood Smile is a smile makeover. It takes in consideration the skin color, the gum position, the front teeth color and size, and of course the position of the upper teeth with the lower lip.

An honest smile is always welcomed. People who smile are recognized as more friendly and easy going. Those who make a good first impression enjoy better work and social lives. Generally, people miss happiness in their everyday lives, so seeing a smiling person with a great approach to life is for them like finding that missing piece, because a smile is often contagious.

On the other hand, people who never smile may be considered dishonest or lacking their self-confidence. They may have problems with building stable social relationships both in their private lives and at work.

There may be thousands reasons to smile. There may also appear some situations that can make you refrain from smiling. However, if one of them is teeth that are not perfect you should know that you can fix this problem fast and without any complications, because dental crowns abroad may be the perfect solution for you.

Benefits of a nice smile:

Higher self esteem
Nothing to hide while smiling
A Great Smile Could Mean a Great Career
Attractive flashy smile

Simple, painless cosmetic procedures are no longer reserved just for movie stars.
You will never stop smiling anymore

Hollywood Smile is achieved with the help of many dental treatments :


Are you a candidate for veneers? Lumineers are the biggest breakthrough ever in achieving the smile that you’ve always wished for. These contact lens-thin “smile shapers” are so thin, yet so strong, that there is no need for the removal of any sensitive tooth structure, no shots, no drilling, and therefore, no pain. No matter what your problem is, Lumineers are the perfect solution to your smile issues!

Good to Beautiful

Your smile may look pretty good, but you want even better. You want your favorite celeb’s smile. A LUMINEERS dentist will evaluate your smile and desires and will help you achieve the look you want with no pain, shots, drilling or removal of sensitive tooth structure.

When can I choose dental crowns?

Dental crowns can be used as a reconstruction of damaged, discoloured or broken teeth. They can also be used to replace huge fillings or to mount a bridge when a tooth is missing to avoid empty spaces that might result in malocclusion. This type of dental treatment can also be applied to strengthen a broken or weak tooth, or just for cosmetic reasons to correct its look, shape or colour.

A dental crown with Dental Clinic Turkey can be mounted during 3-4 appointments.

Veneer Price 

Porcelain Crown – Full Veneer            €120,-
Zirconium Crown                                 €200,-
Emax Crown                                         €240,-
Lumineer                                               €250,-   

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