root canal treatmentsEndodontics is the branch of dentistry that studies specifically root canal therapy. Endodontic therapy brings to mind the root canal treatment. The most feared treatment among dental treatments is usually the root canal therapy. Today, root canal therapy is virtually painless and is completed in vital teeth in one session and in devitalized teeth it is completed usually in two sessions.

Endodontic dentistry basically deals with the part of the matter inside the tooth, which is smooth. It is a very specialized branch and the domain is strictly regarding the pliable matter present inside teeth. This soft matter is commonly referred to as the pulp of the teeth.

Those, who practice endodontic dentistry, have to continue further research in this discipline even after getting their regular degrees in dentistry. The treatment methods, which come under endodontic dentistry, are root-canal retreatment, root canal therapy and endodontic surgery. In case if a patient has one damaged tooth upon, which root canal retreatment or therapy has to be done, then the patient can refer to a normal dentist.

Why Root Canal Treatment?

Teeth don’t have the capability to treat themselves as it is the case in other tissues in our body such as live tissues (pulp) or nerves. For this reason, if there is inflammation in these tissues, canal treatment is necessary. Major caries, previously applied deep fillings, tooth cutting operations, cracks and fractures on teeth, etc. might cause the pulp to get inflamed even though there is no caries. If the inflamed pulp is not treated, it may cause pain, abscess and loss of teeth in future.

How do you understand that you need canal root treatment?

Extended sensitivity to cold and hot
Pain due to chewing pressure, inability to press on the teeth
Pain that starts especially at night
Change of color in tooth, swelling around the tooth, sensitivity in lymph nodes, swelling and pain

Does Root Canal Treatment Cause Pain?

The pain during the treatment can be minimized or completely eliminated thanks to modern anesthesia techniques. There might be slight pain or sensitivity after the treatment. If you have such complaints, your dentist will prescribe you suitable painkillers.

Is Root Canal Treatment Possible in all Teeth?

For certain teeth, root canal treatment may not be suitable. The main factors include clogging in the canals, presence of fracture in the root, insufficient bone support or damage on the teeth to the extent that restoration is impossible.

Does Canal Treatment Kill Teeth?

It is not a realistic idea that endodontic treatment kills the tooth. After the nerves have been taken out, tooth becomes senseless against thermal stimulus however it clings to the bone with the veins and nerves coming through the maxilla bone and continues fulfilling its tasks. You can chew comfortably with suitable restoration and use your tooth even as a prosthesis stand.