EMax – Advantages, Prices, Procedure, Case

EMax ®  is a kind of full porcelain. It can be used as a substructure, porcelain on it, or it can also be made in one piece.

In which situations can the EMax® crown / bridge prosthesis be applied?

EMax ® can be used for aesthetic purposes and in cases where cutting teeth, cuspid teeth and small teeth need to be coated. EMax ® bridge prostheses can be applied only on missing teeth.

What are the differences between Zirconium and EMax® ?

Both EMax ®  and zirconium are aesthetic dentistry applications. Since the light transmittances of EMax ® are higher than those of zirconium , EMax ® provide a more natural and aesthetic appearance. Besides, Zirconium  are more durable than EMax ®. If there is more than one tooth missing, Zirconium bridge prostheses are applied because EMax ® bridge prostheses can not be applied due to their fragility.

Are there full porcelain applications other than Zirconium crown and EMax ® crown?

Many full porcelain materials have been developed in the field of dentistry, with the development of computerized design and production technology (CAD-CAM).

Why Zirconium / EMax ® prostheses have a better aesthetic appearance than metal-supported porcelain prostheses?

emax all ceramicThe base of the porcelain crown / bridge prostheses applied in the routine is a gray metal alloy. These metal-supported porcelain crown / bridge prostheses create a gray reflection in the gingival area, especially when applied to the anterior region teeth. The gum appears to be gray. This view is due to the dissolution of the metal alloy in the bottom of the porcelain coatings over time and accumulation in the gum area.

Furthermore, due to the metal being the base, the porcelain’s light transmission is reduced and these restorations(coatings) appear in a dull matte color. Due to these aesthetic problems, the use of Zirconium / EMax® crown / bridge prosthesis has increased in recent years. In full porcelain prosthesis, the coatings can be made entirely of porcelain material without infrastructure or can also be made using a white background.

In addition, full porcelain restorations create a more natural and aesthetic appearance because the light transmission is very close to the natural tooth mine.

How to decide which full porcelain system will be applied?

A detailed clinical and radiological examination of the patient is performed, followed by the selection of the most appropriate material, and aesthetic applications are successfully performed.

Can Zirconium / EMax ® prostheses be used in individuals who are allergic to metal?

The use of metal-backed porcelain coatings in individuals who are allergic to metal can cause allergic reactions, and full porcelain coatings, as Zirconium / EMax®, eliminate all these problems.