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  • Low Prices

    As Antalya’s largest clinics we are able to offer the lowest prices for dental treatment and dental travel packages. We guarantee you pay either the same price offered by the clinics or a lower price.

  • Fast Results

    We work with the new swiss and german implantology system. That allows full recovery of upper and lower jaw in less than a week.

  • Guarantee

    We guarantee permanently the highest level standards and individual care for our patients. Quality of services in our clinics are above and beyond other dental clinics in Europe!

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Get a Free QuoteGet a free consultation from our specialists now! Please fill in the message and within 24 hours you will receive an answer from our experts.

How do I get a quote ?

There are two ways to get our quote: you can send us your panoramic X-Ray (an orthopantomogram, a panoramic x-ray of your teeth, not older than 6 months) or come to us for a first checkup. In some cases we can also give you an estimate from costs based on a quote made by another dentist. Without the panoramic x-ray, the first visit or quote from another dentist, we cannot give you an estimate.

What is a panoramic X-ray ?

The orthopantomogram, or simply the panoramic x-ray is a panoramic dental X-ray of the upper and lower jaw. It shows the bones of the mandible and maxillary sinuses on a single x-ray film. Dentists use it to evaluate the status of all the teeth and the surrounding bone structures.

How do I send you my Panoramic X-Ray?

You can send us your Panoramic X-Ray via email or form. If you want to send us your X-rays via email you need to take a photograph of it, turning it towards a source of light and email us the photos. Our doctors will assess the situation and decide on the best solution for you. After a few days, you will receive our offer.

Is it free the initial examination in your clinics?

Initial examination from our dental specialists is free.The first visit at our dental clinics is free. The visit begins with new Panoramic X-Ray from which the dentist see the general state of your teeth. After the visit and a brief conversation with you the dentist will give you an offer on which he will clearly indicate the treatments which he has planned for you and the schedule of your treatments.

Where are your dental clinics located ?

Our clinics are located in Antalya, Turkey.