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  • Whatsapp & Viber: +90 544 348 07 87
  • France Whatsapp: +90 546 766 30 30
  • Russian Whatsapp: +90 546 767 30 30
  • German Whatsapp: +90 541 716 40 54
  • Call Center: +90 242 606 1 606

Thank you for your interest in our clinic. There are several ways to reach us when applying to our clinics. You can reach us directly from our clinical phones or call for free on our Whatsapp line. There are a few things we want you to know when contacting us. We will need some information to create the right treatment plan for you. We kindly ask you to send us information such as your x-ray, a few mouth photographs (taken from the front, from the side) and your age. Especially in implant treatment options, x-ray is important in order to provide a definitive treatment plan. If needed, you can request an x-ray from your local dentist, or we can make an appointment for you at a contracted CT center in London to avoid waiting in line.

Antalya is a popular tourist destination in the world. For this reason, if there is a vacation option you plan for Antalya, we can invite you to a free consultation in our clinics. We have free transfer service from Antalya central hotels.

You can call us to get detailed information and to contact us.