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Although dental implants are becoming more popular every day, today we would like to explain All on 4 implants in more detail, give a few tips and explain how to clean all on four implants step by step.

What are all on 4 implants?

In order to explain in detail how All on 4 implants are made, it will be easier to first consider a single implant. In the event that a tooth is missing or a new one is needed, a small screw is inserted into your jawbone. This allows an artificial tooth to be placed on that screw and fixed to your gum.

In the case of All on 4 implants, it is the placement of 4 screws to the lower and upper jaw bone that will fix a bridge and ensure that more than one or all teeth are set in place at once. In this way, all tooth groups are placed at one time and a much more comfortable experience for the patient is provided. It also means that, in addition to the comfort factor, this way the operation can usually be completed within a day, rather than multiple doctor’s appointments.

all on 4 concept
All on 4 Treatment concept: Systematic review

All fourteen implant screws are usually made of titanium and the prepared prosthetic teeth are then placed on these screws.

All on 4 implants are relatively new developments in dentistry and have revolutionized dental procedures. The implants have a success rate of approximately 95% and have drastically reduced the inconvenience and time spent by previous methods.

Since these artificial teeth are mounted and fixed on your jaw, there is no need to remove and clean them, you can act like normal teeth. Therefore, similar maintenance is required.

All on 4 Who Can Be Applied?

In order for the All on 4 application to be performed, there should be no teeth in the mouth. Our patients who are suitable for implants; These are our patients with sufficient bone tissue. The removable implant is preferred because it provides stability and confidence compared to the prosthesis. Oral hygiene is also important for the All on 4 application.

What Do You Need To Know About All On 4 Implants?

Two implants are placed in the front part of the jaws of our patients who are completely edentulous, where their bones are the thickest. Two implants are placed on the back of the jawbone. There are 4 implants in total. The angles of the implants placed in the anterior part are 90 degrees, and the angles of those placed in the posterior part are also 45 degrees. Hybrid prosthesis is placed on the implants and fixed.

What are the Treatment Stages of All On 4 Implants?

In the treatment of all on 4 implants, a detailed clinical and radiological examination is performed first. We plan a suitable treatment for our patients by making the necessary measurements together with computed tomography. We apply the process in two stages. After placing 4 dental implants, we prepare the temporary prosthesis on the implant. After 3 months; we make permanent dental prosthesis for our patients.

How Should All On 4 Implant Care Be Performed?

All on 4 implant cleaning is very important. Teeth should be brushed at least 2 times a day. Oral and dental care should be done with tools such as an interface brush and dental floss. In this process, mouthwash can also be used.

When looking at nutrition after treatment; Our physicians list the foods that our patients can eat and should not consume. Since the implant is expected to fuse with the bone, soft foods should be consumed in this process. It is required not to consume substances such as cigarettes. Also, heavy exercise should be avoided.

What is the Difference of All On 4 Implants and Standard Implants?

In all on 4 procedures, implants are positioned at an angle to the jaw. Since they are supported by much more bone, only 4 or 6 implants can carry the load that 8 implants can carry. In order to place all on four implants; A physician with advanced medical skills should perform the procedure.

What Are The Advantages Of All On 4 Implants?

  • The implant can be placed on the day of tooth extraction.
  • It is also possible to place prostheses on the day of implant application.
  • It is applied at an angle towards the back. For this reason, the procedure can be completed by using less number of implants for the chin.
  • It is specially planned for our patients.
  • It is an application that is fixed in the mouth. However, our physicians can remove the connecting screws and separate the prosthesis from the implant.
  • It is an ideal solution for patients with nausea reflexes when using a removable dental prosthesis.

What are the Downsides of All On 4 Implants?

  • Compared to the reliability and lifetime of traditional applications; traditional methods are preferred.
  • It has thicker and heavier prostheses compared to traditional implant bridges.
  • Implant is not placed in the area where the molars with the highest biting force are located.
  • Since dental prostheses are added on implants without waiting, a problem such as implant loss may be encountered.
  • There are patients who complain that the voice can be heard as hissing when speaking due to the passage of air and fluid in the lower part of the prosthesis.
  • Since cleaning is more difficult than other prostheses, it requires care. Therefore, there are too many surfaces to be cleaned and in case the necessary care is not taken for cleaning; implant can be lost.
  • Problem or loss of an implant among the implants made; It affects the entire chin prosthesis. The entire jaw prosthesis becomes unusable.

How Much Are All On 4 Implants Prices in Turkey?

All on 4 implants prices in Turkey are not according to the implant brand to be used. Below you can see a sample price of all on 4 prepared with 3 different implant brands. The prices below are valid for cases that have no teeth in the mouth and do not require additional treatment.

All on 4 Cost with Hiossen / Osstem Implant 4250 GBP

4 Hiossen implant for upper jaw
4 Hiossen implant for lower jaw
8 Multiunits system
Temporary Teeth

All on 4 Cost with Medentica Implant 5000 GBP
4 Medentica implant for upper jaw
4 Medentica implant for lower jaw
8 Multiunits system
Temporary Teeth

All on 4 Price with Nobel Implant 6000 GBP

4 Nobel Biocare implant for upper jaw
4 Nobel Biocare implant for lower jaw
8 Multiunits system
Temporary Teeth

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