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Rhinoplasty provides a beautiful nose that is compatible with the face and aesthetically pleasing. In rhinoplasty, it is of great importance for the patient to fully trust his doctor and decide together on the procedure to be performed. In rhinoplasty, the basic principle is to obtain the desired shape by preserving the basic functions of the nose. If the patient needs it, many other procedures can be performed during rhinoplasty surgery.

rhninoplasty for woman in turkey
Rhinoplasty for woman

It should not be done before the age of 18

The nose is a functional organ and its biggest task is to breathe. Functional nose aesthetics; It aims to obtain a nose that breathes well, does not have any breathing difficulties, fulfills its functions and is also compatible with the face. It is necessary to wait at the age of 18 for the development of the bone and cartilage structure in the nose to complete. In rhinoplasty, the patient should not be satisfied with the shape of the nose. It is very important that person decides on the procedure to be performed together with his doctor.

Unnecessary intervention should be avoided

Rhinoplasty is performed under general anesthesia and different methods are available. It can be made open or closed by cutting the middle of the nose or by cutting it completely inside. Inside the nose, cartilages and bones are shaped. Nowadays, the basic principle is to shape the nose with the least damage and minimal tissue removal. Therefore, it is aimed to both preserve functions and achieve the desired beautiful shape. If necessary, bone is broken, cartilages are removed, but unnecessary intervention should be avoided.

The technique to be performed is determined by the person

In the open technique, a small incision is made on both sides of the nasal canals in the middle of the nose and the skin in the middle of the nose and the nasal skin is completely removed. In the closed technique, incisions are made only through the nostrils. The difference is a 2-3 mm cut. In open technique, it is possible to see the nose, cartilage and bone structure. In rhinoplasty, open and closed methods are not superior to each other, the most appropriate technique should be determined according to the patient.

Nose structure is different in men and women. A slightly raised nose is preferred in the nose aesthetics for women. The nose tip of men is not lifted, it is planned to be shaped at a more right angle. The procedures do not change, only a shape suitable for women and men is preferred.

Several operations can be done at the same time

There should be some time between the first examination and the rhinoplasty operation. The patient should think in detail, ask questions at other appointments, and trust their doctor. After the doctor and the patient agree, the surgery should be decided. This requires at least one week. During rhinoplasty surgery, fat injection, eyelid procedures, lip augmentation, augmentation or reduction can be performed by injecting some implants or fat tissue into the chin tip.

The profile of the face can be completely beautified

When looking at the patient called profilopasti from the profile, a complementary process such as removing the missing or removing the excess can be performed. When the patient is viewed from the profile, if there is a belt in the nose, it can be removed and the nose can be made proportional to the chin tip. In addition, interventions to the cheek areas called zygoma, or even if there is a depression in the forehead, can be combined. These are necessary procedures for a beautiful silhouette when viewed from the profile.

Surgery should not be performed with tan skin

The patient should not use vitamins and herbal products that he does not know what is in the content for about 2 weeks after the operation. These, like blood thinners, can increase bleeding and impair wound healing. It is not good to stay in the sun too much before the operation and surgery should not be performed with a burnt skin. After the surgery, medicines and herbal products should not be used without consulting a doctor. It should be protected from the sun until the bruises and swelling pass.

After the nose job, the following should be considered;

• Since the molds are removed after 1 week, the patient can return to normal life, it is sufficient to protect the nose.

• Simple exercises such as walking can be done 1 week after the operation.

• Collective games and sports that require effort can be started later.

• Sports activities that require weight lifting should be avoided.

• You can swim with the head out without diving deep.

• The parks and areas where children play with the ball should be avoided.

• Care should be taken if a baby or child is to be taken on the lap as it may cause an unnoticed blow.

• Two days after the operation, you can take a shower with the head back. You can have a comfortable shower after 1 week.

• 1st, 3rd and 6th month and 1st year controls should not be interrupted.

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